Poles will love the Czech Republic in winter. A modern resort only 50 minutes’ drive from Poland

Poles will love the Czech Republic in winter.  A modern resort only 50 minutes' drive from Poland

The meeting took place at the consulate of the Czech embassy in Poland. It presented what the start of the 2023/2024 winter season in the Czech Republic will look like. Here’s what to pay attention to. These resorts are delightful and close to our country.

During the meeting, which took place on Thursday, December 14, at the Czech Embassy in Poland, a short presentation was given on the winter tourist season among our western neighbors. The event was attended by, among others: Ivana Bílkova – director of the foreign representative office of CzechTourism in Poland with operations in Lithuania and Latvia.

Poles are increasingly willing to visit the Czech Republic. There are reasons to be proud

At the beginning of the meeting, attention was drawn to the increase in the number of Polish tourists in the Czech Republic in the third quarter of 2023. For the first time we overtook the Slovaks. This is not without reason, after all, Polish citizens are very close to the Czech Republic. We can count not only on easy transport to this country – including: via PKP Intercity, but also a wide selection of accommodation on site and numerous attractions.

It turns out that we are second among foreign tourists visiting the Czech Republic, which makes us proud. At the moment, only Germany (689,683) is ahead of us. Behind us were Slovakia (281,891), the USA (165,999) and the Netherlands (116,776). For each country, an increase of up to several percent was recorded compared to last year. When presenting the statistics, attention was drawn to the fact that the Czechs have a problem with creating perfect data from Poland. – This is only calculated according to collective accommodation. Many Poles come to us, but come back to spend the night at home, it is different in the case of Slovaks, it is difficult to investigate it thoroughly – Ivana Bílkova revealed at the meeting

What does the Czech Republic have to offer in winter? If you think that this country is worth visiting mainly in summer, you are wrong. First of all, it is a real treat for snow and skiing lovers. Most importantly, you can count not only on a wide selection of attractions, but also affordable prices. CzechTourism showed tourist attractions from the UNESCO list and those off the beaten track. – We want to promote more, among others: smaller places because we want them to be visited, said Bílkova.

Start of the 2023/2024 winter season in the Czech Republic. It’s worth going here

On the map of attractions available in the Czech Republic, we saw places that are perfect for a trip for the whole family. The main hits for winter are:

  • Dolní Morava, a modern resort located just across the Polish border, near the Śnieżnik massif, less than an hour’s drive from Kłodzko.

  • Rokytnice nad Jizerou A charming mountain town and an excellent ski resort with a truly fairy-tale atmosphere and great infrastructure.

  • Malá Úpa Maleńka – a tiny ski village with a truly Alpine atmosphere, located near Śnieżka.

  • Černá Hora-Pec – an elegant and most extensive Czech resort, located on the southern side of Śnieżka.

These are not only ski resorts, but also towns with a fairy-tale atmosphere. We can get to the above-mentioned Rokytnice nad Jizerou from Poland through the crossing at Polana Jakuszycka. You drive along a picturesque road and pass beautiful monuments. The Dolní Morava resort is located just across the Polish border at the Śnieżka peak. From Kłodzko we will get there in about 50 minutes.

Speaking of prices, they vary depending on the resort in question. The cheapest is in Dolní Morava. There, in the winter season 2023/2024, we will pay from CZK 690 for a one-day ski pass. We will pay a bit more expensive, CZK 980 per day, in the Černá Hora-Pec and Malá Úpa Maleńka resorts. You have to spend the most when going to Rokytnice nad Jizerou – prices here start from CZK 1,290.

Please remember that in winter, places such as Prague, the Kuks Spa Complex, the Broumov Monastery, the Valtice National Wine Center, Olomeniec and the Botanicus Ostra craft village still offer attractions. Regardless of what we decide on, we will definitely have positive impressions.

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