A world attraction rises from the rubble. We know the opening date

A world attraction rises from the rubble.  We know the opening date

The reconstruction of one of the most famous buildings in the world is underway. We managed to recover a very important element.

The building, which was destroyed on April 15, 2019 during a huge fire, finally has a new spire. The highest point on the roof of the Parisian temple will soon be covered with decorations, so that the new structure will be identical to the original. In just a few weeks, interested tourists will be able to see it in all its glory from afar. However, they will have to wait much longer to enter the cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral is being rebuilt after the tragedy

Dating back to the second half of the 12th century, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the symbols of France and one of the most outstanding examples of Gothic architecture in the world. For over four years, the Paris tourist attraction’s Google tab has been marked as “temporarily closed.” This situation has been going on since the 2019 fire, then called a cultural disaster. Attempts to save the cathedral’s structures and archives took years of work and enormous financial resources. As the announcement shows, we are slowly moving towards the end of the renovation and the grand opening. Notre Dame has just gained a new element in the form of a spire, which completely collapsed years ago.

“The structure of the 96-meter solid oak spire will be completed in December. The spire, designed in the 19th century by architect Eugene Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, will regain its original shape before Christmas. For now, the new structure is covered with scaffolding,” reports the Polish Press Agency. After renovation, 16 statues saved from the fire, which are currently stored in the architecture museum, will return to the top of the cathedral. Work inside the temple is also heading in the right direction. “We are finishing cleaning the walls, painting decorations and vaults,” say the reenactors.

A new opening date has been set

According to President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement in August, Notre Dame is to reopen to tourists on December 8, 2024. The event is scheduled for the time after the Summer Olympics, which will be held in the French capital from July 26 to August 11. The total reconstruction period of the cathedral will therefore be over five years. That’s not a long time compared to a certain German attraction that was closed for over a decade.

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