The tourists showed up at the airport in just their underpants. Their photos appeared on the Internet

The tourists showed up at the airport in just their underpants.  Their photos appeared on the Internet

The sight of these tourists shocked everyone. Even though the airport they are at is located close to the beach, usually no one comes there wearing only panties.

An unusual incident happened at the international airport in Phuket, Thailand. Two men decided that they would show up only in swim trunks, interestingly enough, not just any pants, but in fashionable leopard print. Despite everything, they were not very well received. Someone took photos of them and posted them online.

Tourists at the airport in their underpants

Tourists are often a nuisance to the locals. Quite recently, there was a lot of talk about Polish women who lied down in the famous temple in just their swimsuits. This also happened in Thailand and it almost resulted in a fine. Who were the brave travelers this time?

No one could guess what country or region they came from. There was no mention of anyone from the staff paying attention to them. Perhaps after spending a while in the port, the men took out their clothes and decided to fit in with the rest of their surroundings? Although the situation may seem comical, it must be admitted that this type of behavior can be embarrassing.

Photos of tourists in underpants have gone viral. They were criticized

Photos of men present at the airport in underpants can be seen on the Vietnamese Facebook group Du Lịch Thái Lan. It shows tourists trying to handle their luggage, but they are dressed in beach clothes. There were plenty of flip-flops and sunglasses. Traditionally dressed tourists in long trousers or T-shirts were walking next to them.

Comments quickly appeared under the controversial photos. As usual in such situations, tourists were accused of disrespecting a foreign culture. Some people were critical, others thought it was pointless to make a sensation out of it. “Phuket. I don’t understand that anyone is still surprised by this,” they wrote. “You might vomit,” someone else added.

What do you think about this type of attitude? Are you in favor of parading around in swimming trunks in tourist cities, or do you think that these outfits are only acceptable on the beach?

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