The bear escaped from the plane. It paralyzed traffic at the huge airport

The bear escaped from the plane.  It paralyzed traffic at the huge airport

An unusual incident recently occurred at Dubai International Airport. A bear escaped from one of the planes. He got out of the cage and caused quite a stir at the airport.

The more planes and passengers using them, the more unusual events on board or at airports. However, no one expected such an incident. At Dubai airport – the hub is considered to be the busiest in the world – a… bear got out of the plane. It escaped from its cage in the hold and paralyzed the entire facility.

The bear escaped from the plane

Passengers traveling from or landing at Dubai Airport recently encountered difficulties after a bear escaped from its crate in the hold of an Iraqi plane. It is not known where the animal was taken or how it managed to get out.

The Iraqi Airways flight was scheduled to fly to Baghdad but was delayed an hour due to the incident. Passengers were asked to disembark and the bear was euthanized and moved from the machine. The Prime Minister of Iraq has launched an investigation into the whole situation.

In turn, a video has been posted online that shows a bear escaping from a plane.

It is not known how the animal got out of the hold

Representatives of Iraqi Airways indicated that they were not to blame for the escape of the bear. The flight crew cooperated with authorities in the United Arab Emirates, who sent specialists to calm the animal down and remove it from the aircraft.

The captain of the plane apologized to the passengers for the delay in take-off caused by the bear escaping from the cage in the hold. The procedures for transporting the bear were to be carried out in accordance with the law and standards approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

It is not clear where exactly the bear flew and for what purpose. According to some accounts, he was transported to the capital of Iraq. Breeding predatory animals in this country has become popular among wealthy residents. The authorities are trying to enforce laws protecting wild animals. Baghdad police have previously urged citizens to help prevent such animals from being released onto city streets or ending up in exotic meals in restaurants by reporting such cases.

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