Will Lewandowski take part in selecting the coach? Kulesza’s eloquent words

Will Lewandowski take part in selecting the coach?  Kulesza's eloquent words

Cezary Kulesza is looking for a coach for the third time in his term. The president of the Polish Football Association revealed whether Robert Lewandowski will participate in this selection. There is very little time, because in October the White and Reds have to play the next matches in the el. to the European Championship.

On Wednesday, September 13, the Polish Football Association decided to say goodbye to Fernando Santos. There were great hopes for the Portuguese, but it ended with a defeat against the Czech Republic, Moldova and Albania and minimal chances of advancing to Euro 2024. It was the loss against the latter mentioned team that was the final straw and made the president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza, officially decide to dismiss Fernando Santos.

When will we meet the new coach? Cezary Kulesza does not dispel doubts

A month before the next training camp, it is not known who will replace the Portuguese. The name exchange mentions two candidates with the initials “MP” – Marek Papszun and Michał Probierz. According to Dariusz Dziekanowski, the team needs a specialist, not someone liked by the activists.

For now, it is not known when the PZPN will announce the name of the new coach, but in a conversation with the media, Cezary Kulesza’s colleague shed new light on this matter. “The name should be known by September 20, when the PZPN management board will meet,” said Łukasz Wachowski, Secretary General of the Polish Association. Football.

About, among others Cezary Kulesza was asked this issue on TVP Sport. – There is no specific date. These are such conversations that it is simply impossible to determine a specific day or hour. There are contracts to be checked and lawyers to work. I have no influence on how long all records will be checked by the other party, he said.

Cezary Kulesza on whether Robert Lewandowski will participate in the selection of the coach

Earlier, Robert Lewandowski – one of the best Polish players in history and the captain of the White and Reds – was informed about the election of the new coach. Cezary Kulesza was also asked about this issue.

– I didn’t talk to Robert Lewandowski or the other players. However, I will definitely inform Robert, as the captain, once we have a clear group of candidates or when the coach is chosen, said the president of the Polish Football Association.

After five matches el. Poland is in fourth place for the European Championship with six points. We are ahead of Moldova – eight points, the Czech Republic – the same number and Albania – 10 points.

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