Stadium in the crater of a volcano. An unusual project in China

Stadium in the crater of a volcano.  An unusual project in China

A stadium, swimming pool, museum, hotel and many other attractions will be built in the Chinese city of Quzhou. On an area of ​​almost 700 thousand m2 plot area, designers from MAD Architects created an extraordinary, fairy-tale project that will combine sport, tradition and nature.

Work on a huge sports campus has started in the historic Chinese city of Quzhou. The space designed by MAD Architects will house a stadium with an audience for 30,000. people, a gymnasium with a capacity of 10,000. spectators, swimming pool and many other places for practicing outdoor sports. The campus will also include a science and technology museum, a hotel and a youth sports school. According to the architectural design, sports arenas will emerge from grassy hills and create structures resembling volcanoes. The entire area will be filled with greenery. The campus will be separated from the city by a dense row of trees.

– We dreamed not only of creating an ecological urban space dedicated to sports, but also of turning this place into a unique park, thanks to which we will be able to combine modernity with the history and heritage of the city – says Ma Yansong, project leader from MAD Architects.

The campus will be built on a plot of almost 700,000 sq m. square meters

Quzhou is a city with a tradition dating back thousands of years. It was the home of many Chinese philosophers and artists. The city is also famous for its closeness to nature. Almost 70 percent the territory is covered with forests. These facts were crucial when developing the architectural concept of the campus. They wanted to create a surreal place that would have a chance to fit into the style and history of the city.

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