Wizz Air suspends routes from Poland. As many as 20 fewer connections

Wizz Air suspends routes from Poland.  As many as 20 fewer connections

Wizz Air is facing problems, the effects of which we are observing on an ongoing basis. Now the airline has decided to cut 20 connections from Poland. It will lose several important airports.

This is not what fans of traveling to one of the cheapest airlines in Europe expect. This changes the schedule and reduces the frequency of calls. It is known that they will lose, among others: Polish people. All this is due to the already mentioned general inspections and repairs of Pratt & Whitney engines. This is what we need to be prepared for.

Wizz Air cancels 20 connections from Poland

Routes from airports in Wrocław, Katowice and Kraków have disappeared from Wizz Air’s reservation systems. The ones mentioned now may only be the beginning of change. Initially, the head of Wizz Air, Jozsef Varadi, assured that Poland was one of the carrier’s most important markets, so the cuts in our country would be smaller than in other countries. Now it looks like the changes will be felt quite strongly despite this.

According to fly4free.pl, many Internet users complain that Wizz Air suddenly changes departure times or days. It also turns out that many connections simply disappeared from the schedule. Wrocław is in the worst situation, although the other cities mentioned also have reasons for concern.

When asked by fly4free.pl what the final summer route network will look like, the Wizz Air spokesman replied that talks with the carrier are still ongoing.

These routes were canceled by Wizz Air. These are three Polish airports

Connections to Icelandic Keflavik and Kutaisi have been removed from Wrocław. Valencia Dubrovnik, Burgas and Rhodes are also missing. The summer schedule will not include Dortmund or Birmingham – the last flights are scheduled for the end of March. When it comes to Katowice, 5 routes disappear here. At the end of March, the newly opened destinations Brussels Charleroi, Bergen and Oslo-Torp will disappear. In addition, summer connections to Ibiza and Castellon have already been canceled and the suspension of flights to Aqaba has been extended. In Katowice, flights to Kutaisi have been further reduced, and some connections will enter into force later than planned – for example, Burgas, Tirana, Podgorica and Split.

It seems that even though the carrier announced that it would resume flights from Krakow to Israel, the situation is still difficult. If we are talking about the capital of Lesser Poland, we will not fly to Keflavik and Kutaisi in the summer. Stockholm, Valencia, Catania, Burgas, Birmingham and Leeds were also excluded. Some will only be valid until the end of March.

Further important cuts can be expected in March in Warsaw. Wizz Air is to suspend connections to Birmingham, Agadir and Marrakech. In summer, there will be fewer connections to Madeira, Porto and Malta, Palma de Mallorca and Kutaisi.

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