A proven way to get cheaper holidays. Trip by up to 30%. cheaper

A proven way to get cheaper holidays.  Trip by up to 30%.  cheaper

How to save on holidays? It is worth considering not only off-season holidays, but also how to organize your holidays. It turns out that trips with a travel agency can be up to 30 percent cheaper. more expensive.

Some time ago we wrote that the best moment for holidays – and certainly the moment when trips are the cheapest – is the so-called shoulder season. Off-season trips have completely different prices, and travelers should also be tempted by the fact that there are no crowds and queues then.

How else can you save on vacation? First of all, they pay attention to the way they are organized. It turns out that using a travel agency's offer will not be the most profitable. There is another option worth considering.

A way to spend your holidays 30% cheaper.

Pre-season holidays organized using online travel platforms can cost up to one third cheaper than an identical offer from a tour operator. For example, for a week's holiday in Puglia, Italy, one person will pay PLN 1.1 thousand. PLN less, and in the Canary Islands – by PLN 800. And this is with flights and hotel included in the package. Similar savings also await travelers to Greece and Portugal. eSky.pl experts share examples of destinations where it is cheapest to book a flight in the flight plus hotel option.

The development of digital services facilitating travel has caused traditional tour operators to lose customers. This is proven by last year's research by the GfK and eSky.pl agencies: almost half of Poles surveyed (48%) organize their holidays using travel platforms, while 52% plan holidays with a tour operator. compatriots (-7 pp y/y).

The results of the latest eSky.pl analysis may also suggest that one of the key reasons for such a change is the natural desire to save money. It turns out that when choosing a tour operator's offer, we overpay by 10% on certain destinations. up to 30 percent We can easily find similar, but much cheaper holiday options in the flight plus hotel formula.

Where is it cheaper for holidays in 2024?

People who decide to spend seven days on the Adriatic Sea in the Italian region of Puglia, where at the turn of April and May the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees Celsius, may feel the biggest difference in price among all the analyzed destinations. A holiday with return flights and a stay in a 4-star hotel with two meals costs PLN 1.1 thousand. PLN cheaper than an identical trip offered by the tour operator. The latter costs PLN 3.8 thousand. PLN per person, which means a 30% difference.

A vacation in Crete organized with a travel platform will also be more beneficial for the home budget. For example, for a package with a flight and a seven-day stay with breakfast for one person in Rethymno at the beginning of May we will pay less than PLN 2.9 thousand. zloty. At the same time, a similar offer from the tour operator costs PLN 3.5 thousand. PLN per person – this gives savings of 18%.

You can also extend your May holiday and fly to Ayia Napa in the southeast of Cyprus. For travelers booking a flight plus hotel package with two meals in the package, such a vacation will cost PLN 2,200. PLN, while for customers of traditional travel agencies the price will be PLN 2.7 thousand. PLN per person.

– Nearly two thirds of Poles (60%) asked by GfK about the most important issues when organizing a trip put price in high place, second only to climate and weather (63%). That is why we have included the lowest price guarantee in the “Holiday” and “City Break” packages in the flight plus hotel option, to make it easier for Poles to plan their trip and help take care of their household budget, presenting a much better value for money. If it turns out that they will pay less for an identical offer elsewhere, we will refund the difference. We believe that in this way even more people will notice the benefits of booking holidays in a package – says Jarosław Grabczak, responsible for the development of the product offer at the eSky Group.

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