A strong magnetic storm on the Sun. We will feel the effects on Earth

A strong magnetic storm on the Sun.  We will feel the effects on Earth

NASA warns of a strong electromagnetic storm on the Sun. They may cause problems with satellite navigation, GPS signal or radio communication.

  • Magnetic storm on the Sun
  • Communication problems on Earth
  • The strongest magnetic storms in history

NASA has issued warnings about a powerful magnetic storm on the Sun. The phenomenon occurred on November 29 and resulted in a plasma ejection that affected the “weather” in space and caused the aurora borealis on Earth. However, the storm will have more effects on our planet, although it is worth emphasizing that there is no need to be afraid of it.

Magnetic storm on the Sun

A magnetic storm is a phenomenon that occurs as a result of solar flares and mass ejections. Mass particles move towards Earth, causing reactions and changes in the ionosphere. They can potentially pose a threat to Earth’s inhabitants by destroying power grids and high-voltage transformers. If there were very strong flares on the Sun, the plasma ejection could even cause a global catastrophe.

Communication problems on Earth

The current magnetic storm will be strong and may affect our daily lives. However, its effects will not be as severe as they could be. They will only lead to temporary interruptions in the operation of the Internet, problems with GPS navigation or radio navigation.

“If the magnetic field has been assessed correctly, I expect it will reach the mid-latitude region. There will likely be problems with amateur radios and GPS.” tweeted physicist Dr. Tamitha Skov of NASA.

The strongest magnetic storms in history

One of the strongest solar electromagnetic storms recorded on Earth was the phenomenon of 1859. It led to an increase in electrical voltage on telegraph lines in America and Europe. It also caused auroras that were visible in Hawaii, Cuba and Mexico. Further strong solar flares were recorded in 1921 and 1960. They led to radio communication problems around the world.

According to scientists, very strong phenomena may cause a catastrophe on Earth and damage energy networks. This would not only lead to the deprivation of billions of people of electricity, but also to the annihilation of entire energy systems. Repair costs would be exorbitantly high.

Currently, there is no system that can protect networks against radiation from space. Scientists only use magnetic storm warning systems, so operators have time to change the voltage.

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