More funds from the KPO for Poland. The European Commission will pay an additional PLN 22 billion

More funds from the KPO for Poland.  The European Commission will pay an additional PLN 22 billion

Poland can count not only on the release of funds from the National Reconstruction Plan, but also on its enlargement. The European Commission proposes an additional EUR 5 billion.

It is true that funds from the National Reconstruction Plan are not yet flowing to Poland, but it seems that their unblocking is only a matter of time. The results of the parliamentary elections seem to be a sufficient reason for the European Commission to change its approach towards Poland. We have just learned that there may be more money than expected.

Additional PLN 22 billion from KPO

According to Polskie Radio, representatives of the commissioners’ offices agreed on the evening of November 17 to introduce changes to the National Reconstruction Plan. This is an additional EUR 5 billion (approximately PLN 22 billion) advance payment for Poland. These funds are to be used to implement the energy transformation plan.

The final confirmation of the information is expected to appear on Monday, November 20, and its final approval a day later at the commissioners’ meeting in Strasbourg. For Poland to receive the funds, the consent of the finance ministers of the member states, who will meet in December, will also be required.

More money with RePowerEU

Additional funds will come from the EU RePowerEU mechanism, which is the driving force behind the community’s energy transformation. The government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki submitted an application for the payment of money in August.

The activities for which additional funds from the KPO can be used include: modernization of transmission networks, investments in Renewable Energy Sources, energy storage, construction of onshore and offshore wind farms, and modernization of bus fleets.

Poland is currently at a point where investments in renewable energy and transmission networks will be one of the main government expenditures in the coming years. Let us remind you that a nuclear power plant and a gigantic wind farm are being built by the sea. The energy generated there will have to be sent to the rest of the country, and current networks are not ready for this.

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