Aggressive man on a plane to New York. He was overpowered by the passengers

Aggressive man on a plane to New York.  He was overpowered by the passengers

The tourist opened his own alcohol on board. The crew who warned the passenger received an unexpected and dangerous reaction.

Undesirable behavior of passengers on board may lead to danger and, consequently, to an emergency landing. Such a situation occurred two weeks ago during a flight from Japan to the United States, when a drunk passenger decided to bite a stewardess. This time, passengers on board the flight from London to New York took matters into their own hands and prevented an emergency landing by immobilizing the aggressive tourist.

Dangerous passenger on the plane

The incident occurred during a jetBlue flight from London to New York on Tuesday, January 30, and the video of the incident was published on social media a day later. Flight JBU1926 was uneventful until a passenger opened a bottle surreptitiously brought on board. The plane crew pointed out to him that alcohol could only be consumed if purchased on board, but the Briton did not want to hear about such a solution. The passenger started behaving aggressively and started a fight. “The man behaved erratically and aggressively towards his traveling companion and members of the cabin crew,” we read.

Passengers had to intervene

The passengers on board decided to intervene. The Briton was overpowered by four other men who held the dangerous tourist until he landed at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. The plane landed in the United States on time. However, the riotous man was not arrested, even though the port of New York received a report from the crew. “The aircraft landed safely and no further incidents occurred and no injuries were reported. JFK Port Authority Police in New York did not make an arrest,” said an airport authority spokesman quoted by CNN.

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