Tragedy in Bali. The elevator broke, several people died

Tragedy in Bali.  The elevator broke, several people died

An incredible tragedy occurred in this tourist paradise. It all happened in a popular resort where a lot of young people stayed. Some of them died after the elevator fell several meters down.

People who are afraid of getting into elevators can use this example as a perfect explanation for why they prefer not to. It turns out that the extract does not always have to be durable. For this reason, a tragedy occurred in a resort on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Tragedy in an elevator in Bali. 5 people died

The elevator in question contained five employees of the Ayuterra resort in the village of Kedewatan – three women and two men. These were young people aged 19 to 24. When they got in, they did not expect that the machine would soon fall several meters down. It turned out that it was all due to the crane’s insufficient strength – the group was too heavy.

The tragedy took place on September 1, and recordings from the moment before the disaster are circulating on the Internet, among others. on YouTube. It is known that the accident occurred when the cable holding the inclined mechanism broke. Footage shows the crane rushing down a steep track. As a local cook told foreign media, screams could be heard in the distance.

Tragedy in Bali. The police are investigating

After the accident, the police were called to the scene. It turned out that the cause of the tragic fall of the elevator was probably the lack of an emergency brake. Interestingly, the device was last checked and approved for use in November 2022, so it might seem that everything should work as it should.

The officers are to check whether the reduction in the number of ropes holding the mechanism contributed to the situation, because a few years earlier it was operated with the help of three, and now only one has been noticed. The owner of the resort himself regrets the loss and has decided to cover the funeral costs of his former employees.

We would like to remind you that this is not the only drama involving an elevator recently. Some time ago it was loud, among others: about a woman who was found dead in an airport elevator only a few days later. Then the crane opened from the wrong side.

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