“Miracle of Poland 2023”. Bardo attracts tourists with numerous attractions

"Miracle of Poland 2023".  Bardo attracts tourists with numerous attractions

A small town in Lower Silesia has been hailed as the “Miracle of Poland 2023”. Bardo has a rich history to offer, a number of attractions for lovers of outdoor recreation and places of Marian worship shrouded in legends.

Located in the Bardzkie Mountains on Nysa Kłodzka, Bardo received the title of “Miracle of Poland 2023” in a plebiscite organized by National Geographic Traveler. Readers of the magazine liked not only the location of the town, but also its history and places of Marian worship steeped in legends.

The history of the town dates back to the 10th century, when a fortified settlement was erected on one of the local hills. The river flowing below was a waterway connecting Poland and the Czech Republic, and along it ran a road recognized today as a part of the amber route. In the 15th century, today’s Very witnessed fights that were part of the Hussite Wars. These events left their mark on the town in the form of considerable destruction.

Bardo attracts tourists

The location of Barda is conducive to spending time outdoors. Both hiking and cycling trails run through the town. Hikers can explore the area by following three trails: the green trail to Złoty Stok, the blue trail leading through the Bardzkie Mountains and the green pilgrimage trail to Ząbkowice Śląskie. Tourists who prefer urban trails can choose the route along the tenement houses in Bardo up to Mount Kalwaria or the route “Wzgórze Różańcowe” full of shrines.

Cyclists have four routes at their disposal. The first one runs from Bardo around Kalwaria up to Bardzka Góra, the second one offers a ride through the “Cisy” reserve, the next one leads from Bardo through the Wilcza Pass, and the last one “Góry Bardzkie i Złoty” leads to the Kłodzko Pass.

It is also worth taking advantage of the Nysa Kłodzka flowing through the city. You can go down the river both in a kayak and in a pontoon. The water route is about 15 kilometers long and offers an encounter with lush vegetation and the inhabitants of the river.

Shrines and Catholic legends

Bardo is also a place of Marian worship with interesting legends. According to one of them, the Mother of God was sitting on one of the stones on Góra Kalwaria and was crying over the tragedies-strewn future of Silesia. Evidence of her presence is to be found on the top of the footprint.

Another legend tells of a young Czech who in 1672 washed his eyes with water from a nearby spring and regained his sight. Currently, in the place where this story was supposed to happen, there is a chapel and the Spring of Mary, and pilgrims who come here believe in the healing properties of the water flowing from it.

In addition to numerous chapels, while in Bardo, it is worth paying attention to other architectural monuments. There is a stone bridge from 1589, the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the ruins of a castle from the 13th century.

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