“The Ladder to Heaven” scares tourists. They say they wouldn’t come here even for millions of zlotys

"The Ladder to Heaven" scares tourists.  They say they wouldn't come here even for millions of zlotys

There is a terrifying tourist attraction in Europe called “The Ladder to Heaven.” Some tourists claim that they would not use it even if someone paid them a large amount for it.

There is a tourist attraction in Europe that vacationers would not try even if they were offered millions of zlotys. We are talking about the so-called The Ladder to Heaven, also known as the Heavenly Ladder or Stairway to Heaven. It is located in Austria and is definitely a place for lovers of really strong experiences.

“The Ladder to Heaven” scares tourists

The “ladder to heaven” is usually reserved for seasoned hikers and thrill-seekers. The route is equipped with steel ropes and ladders that help climbers reach the 400-meter-high Donnerkogel peak.

After crossing 75 percent route, climbers will come face to face with the “Ladder to Heaven”. Here, vacationers can expect a 40-meter-long metal ladder leading over a huge gorge.

Interestingly, according to travel blogger Jess Wandering, the ladder isn’t the hardest part of the climb.

“Although the ladder is only rated B and is not considered difficult compared to other climbing sections, the exposure is intense and should not be taken lightly,” she wrote.

A woman who successfully completed the route explained that the strong wind and movement on the ladder could “knock you off balance.”

For thrill lovers

Instagram user Mountain Planet also posted a video of himself climbing a metal ladder. The recording clearly shows his every step.

Other Instagram users were shocked by the terrifying climb, with one writing: “Even if you give me ten million no one will take me there.”

It will come as no surprise to most vacationers that hiking enthusiasts should not attempt this route. Several local tour operators organize guided walking tours along the via ferrata. Their prices start from 540 euros per person.

From Vienna, the starting point of the hiking trail can be reached in approximately four hours by car, and from Innsbruck in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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