The swan died of a “broken heart”. The youth killed his chicks

The swan died of a "broken heart".  The youth killed his chicks

In the town of Bolton in Greater Manchester, England, vandals dropped bricks on hatched baby swans. The mother of these birds died of a “broken heart” and the father disappeared without a trace, according to the Manchester Evening News website.

The case was reported by activists who monitor wildlife in the area. The vandals were supposed to arrive on May 20 – they dropped bricks on a few newborn birds and left. Three of the six birds survived. Activists explain that they have been watching swans because there have been more such situations in recent weeks.

ABOUTthe father of the chicks was supposed to leave the nest shortly after, and has not been found so far. The mother, in turn, died – according to experts – because of “broken heart”. “There’s really not much I can say. She probably died of heartbreak because she had chosen a lifelong partner and he moved away due to stress, said Wildlife activist Sam Woodrow.

Michael Mason, another activist who divideshared the story on Facebook, wrote: “This causes me great sadness. I tried to inform about the fate of the swan that laid six eggs. Three of them were killed by the youth, then the mother and her children were harassed by dogs, and later by a duck. As a result, two more eggs were lost and the mother had one left. Her partner left her and unfortunately I was informed this morning she was found dead in the nest. I just want to cry”.

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