They had to turn the plane around. All because of the horse on board

They had to turn the plane around.  All because of the horse on board

An American Airlines plane had to interrupt its journey after it turned out that a horse was roaming freely on board. One of the passengers’ animal suddenly freed itself from its box.

Such an incident has not happened for a long time. It occurred on board an Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747 during a flight from New York to Belgium. The passenger, who decided to take a horse on the trip, did not expect that her decision could have such serious consequences. The animal left its box and the pilot had to turn back.

The plane turned back because of the horse. He ran away from his stall

Transporting animals on planes is not as obvious as it may seem. Some airlines do not accept such guests at all, others only provide special boxes, but there are also some that allow you to seat a dog or cat next to you. It all depends on the capabilities of a given company. In the case of the flight from New York to Belgium, the passenger took the horse legally, but it turned out to be very unruly.

The plane had to return to John F. Kennedy Airport in the US after it turned out that the horse had escaped from its stall. The machine had already climbed to a height of about 10 meters when suddenly the air traffic controllers started having unusual conversations among themselves. They concluded that the animal on board was not safe, which posed a threat to everyone.

The horse on the plane had to be secured again

The horse on board the Air Atlanta Icelandic flight was unable to travel beyond its stall, so the journey had to be interrupted and returned to the New York airport. Unfortunately, it was not possible to fasten the animal during the flight. It quickly turned out that a vet had to be called to the airport.

Foreign media reported that the horse required help, but they did not want to reveal what exactly happened to him. We can guess that the animal was shocked. It is also possible that there were some injuries.

Traveling with this type of passenger is not easy. It turned out that due to the horse’s heavy weight, the plane dropped about 20 tons of fuel over the ocean. After landing, the pilot stated that the machine had no malfunctions and could resume the journey. After the entire operation, the passengers reached Belgium safely.

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