Two trains collide. Four people are dead, dozens injured

Two trains collide.  Four people are dead, dozens injured

The collision occurred on Friday morning on the outskirts of the metropolis with a population of 6 million. The investigation will reveal whether any gross mistakes were made.

Terrifying photos from a train accident in Java, Indonesia, are circulating on the Internet. The crash occurred between Haurpugur station and Cicalengka stop, located on the outskirts of Bandung, one of the island’s largest cities. The death of one of the train drivers and three other people was confirmed. Two trains were involved in the collision: the long-distance Turangga train and the local KA Bandung Raya train.

Two trains collided with each other

As with the recent accident in Italy, the collision in Java involved two trains that hit each other with their head-on cars. The tragedy occurred at 6:53 local time on Friday, January 5. The Turangga train, connecting the city of Surabaya located in the eastern part of the island with Bandung located almost 700 km away, ran straight into the regional KA Bandung Raya Commuterline train. Both vehicles were on the same track. The exact details of the accident are unknown, which will be determined by the investigation. “We are investigating whether there was a communication error or not,” Ayep Hanapi, public relations manager of one of the carriers, said at the accident site. Clean-up work is still ongoing on site.

4 people died, at least 28 were injured

So far, the deaths of 4 people have been confirmed, including the driver and the attendant of one of the vehicles. At least 28 passengers were injured, some of them have already been taken to hospitals. Those who traveled on other trains that day are sharing their concerns online about other train crossings in Indonesia. “It happened near my house. I don’t feel well, I was going to take the train, but suddenly this news appeared,” we read in one of the reports. “I pray for the victims. As a regular passenger of one of the trains, I am concerned about this news. I often sit in the front carriage,” writes another man.

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