These cities are best visited in winter. Instagram and TikTok users chose

These cities are best visited in winter.  Instagram and TikTok users chose

Which cities, according to Internet users, are most associated with winter trips and which ones are definitely worth visiting when there is snow? A list of 10 such places has been published. One of them is located in Poland.

Social media is used by billions of people around the world. For example, as many as 150 million Americans have accounts on TikTok, and it is estimated that as many as 1.6 billion people use the application worldwide. In turn, an impressive 2.5 billion share photos and videos on Instagram. This is where people get inspiration for titles of books worth reading, films worth watching or places worth visiting.

JeffBet analyzed data from TikTok and Instagram to determine the 10 cities that are considered the best for winter trips. This was verified using various hashtags, such as #WinterInNewYork and #LondonChristmasMarkets. What places were highlighted? One of them is in Poland.

TOP 10 cities for a winter trip

After analyzing the data, the team found that London is the most popular city for a winter trip among Instagram and TikTok users.

“London has been named the city with the best winter experiences,” reads the results published by Travel + Leisure. “The English capital has almost 71 million winter-related hashtags on social media. For example, #LondonChristmasMarket has 10.9 million mentions on TikTok.” It is worth visiting various places that evoke the unique atmosphere of Christmas, from Borough Market to Covent Garden.

New York came in second with approximately 69 million hashtag mentions. “New Year’s Eve is the most popular winter hashtag in New York,” the findings showed, with #NYENewYork boasting approximately 6.4 million mentions and #NewYorkNYE 1.3 million.

Third and fourth place went to two more destinations in Great Britain, Manchester and Edinburgh, respectively. Manchester received 25 million mentions, with the most mentions being for a Christmas market, and Edinburgh received 24.1 million mentions describing both general winter attractions under #EdinburghWinter and Christmas markets under the hashtag #EdinburghChristmasMarket.

Paris took the top five with 21.1 million winter hashtags. “There are plenty of attractions in the French capital. Here you can drink authentic Parisian hot chocolate or watch the world-famous Eiffel Tower illuminated while snow falls from the sky,” the study said. New Year’s Eve in the city of love is also popular.

Kraków distinguished in the ranking

A Polish accent also appeared in the ranking. However, before we get to it, it is worth mentioning other cities from these ten. Sixth place went to the capital of Austria, Vienna (12,881,781 mentions). Berlin in Germany was seventh (12,839,066 mentions), Belfast in Northern Ireland was eighth (8,517,033 mentions), Vancouver in Canada was ninth (7,504,319 mentions) and finally Krakow was in tenth place (7,069,802 mentions).

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