Ryanair cancels the popular route from Modlin. Tourists will not be happy

Ryanair cancels the popular route from Modlin.  Tourists will not be happy

After the excellent news about numerous promotions, Ryanair also comes with worse news for tourists. It turns out that it reduces the number of connections from Poland and removes one route completely. Portugal fans will be disappointed.

In recent days, Ryanair has launched a promotion thanks to which airline tickets can be purchased from PLN 65. Such offers don't come along very often, so it's no wonder that customers eagerly bought plane tickets. Unfortunately, the Irish low-cost airline also has worse news for its travelers from Poland. It removes some cruises from our country.

Ryanair cancels the route from Poland

According to fly4free.pl, the Irish carrier Ryanair has reduced the number of flights on as many as 20 routes from Poland. The changes will come into force in the summer and passengers will feel them firsthand. However, one piece of information will sadden them the most. One route from Warsaw-Modlin was completely removed from the network. We are talking about flights to Faro in Portugal.

We would like to remind you that Michael O'Leary recently announced that problems with the deliveries of Boeing planes may affect capacity on some routes and will also result in higher air ticket prices. He called on Boeing to improve quality control of its planes. The head of Ryanair believes that if the bad streak of the American company continues, it will have a negative impact on the airlines. The Irish carrier's profits may decline, and ticket prices may also increase due to production problems at Boeing and its competitor, Airbus.

Fewer flights from Poland

The airport in Gdańsk is expected to suffer the most from the cuts. The number of flights from this Polish airport to Bergamo, Zadar, Billund, Aarhus, Gothenburg, Leeds, Hamburg, Burgas, Krakow, Malaga, Paris, Edinburgh, Alicante will be reduced. In addition, the number of slots from Wrocław to Girona and from Krakow to Alicante will be reduced.

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