Poles love staycations. See how to spend your autumn holiday without leaving home

Poles love staycations.  See how to spend your autumn holiday without leaving home

Fall 2023 spoils us with temperatures and weather, which is why many of us are thinking about vacation. However, not everyone has the appropriate funds to go on a city break or go on another vacation. However, you can organize them without leaving your home. Staycation is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Here is a collection of tips on how to organize an effective holiday without leaving.

“Staycation” or “holistay” is nothing more than a vacation without long trips, often with overnight stays in your own home, spent exploring the immediate area.

Holidays at home are nothing new

“Staycation” stay – stay, vacation – vacation) is not a new idea. The term itself appeared in the early 1920s in the British press and was used to describe the surprising behavior of the British at that time, who were less and less likely to travel hundreds of kilometers on their way to holiday, and were more and more willing to spend their holidays in their own homes and gardens. This phenomenon was then explained, among other things, by the deterioration of the global economy, which translates into lower financial possibilities of people. The term staycation became more and more popular, so much so that in the following years it even found its way into dictionaries.

During the coronavirus pandemic, staycations have come back into favor again. This time not as a choice, but as a necessity due to the restrictions introduced by the governments of many countries. Now it is also very popular because you do not have to spend a fortune on such holidays, which is important for many of us in difficult times of galloping inflation.

The idea of ​​a staycation will appeal to both enthusiasts of close encounters with culture and nature, as well as restless spirits craving adventure and adrenaline. It is both for people who value lazy relaxation and those who like active holidays. We save time on packing and unpacking, we don’t have jet lag. Additionally, it is a very ecological solution because instead of traveling hundreds of kilometers by car or plane, we can reach the attractions we choose on foot or by bike. The main principle of holistay rest is based on the fact that we enjoy, for example, visiting a restaurant that we have never been to, although we pass it every day on our way to work; we either use the football field in the neighboring district or go to the beach at a swimming pool located a few kilometers from our city.

In the comfort of your home and beyond

The most important thing is to have a plan and think about what will give us real pleasure and allow us to relax. Homeowners can regularly organize a garden party or a home cinema with popcorn. A home spa is also a good idea. Holidays in the comfort of your home are also the perfect time to catch up on books or indulge in your favorite passion that we usually don’t have time to pursue. It could be solving puzzles or painting pictures.

More active people should look for not very popular excursion destinations near their place of residence. There are certainly interesting places in every area to relax outdoors – these can also be forests, lakes or parks, including landscape ones.

A bit of culture and entertainment

Very often, working and being busy every day, we do not even know what is happening in our immediate neighborhood. Therefore, during your staycation, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of cultural institutions in our city or in a neighboring city. City cultural centers or museums organize many interesting events not only in the summer. We can take part in painting workshops or a yoga course, as well as various attractions for children. Most importantly, they are usually free.

It is also worth getting acquainted with the repertoire of theaters and cinemas, and checking whether there are any concerts or artistic performances in the area. During even a short vacation, you can also visit an exhibition in a local gallery or go to a folk manufacturer.

During your staycation you can also visit local restaurants and clubs. Families, on the other hand, can take advantage of the offer of amusement parks.

Or maybe outdoors?

Many cities also plan walks, city games or bicycle trips. Participants meet at a designated place and time, and then spend time in a given space under the supervision of an animator. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and an ideal solution for singles.

Another opportunity for interesting meetings and spending time together are outdoor culinary meetings. Breakfasts, lunches and afternoon teas are organized in the parks. They are usually combined with live cooking and a food fair, during which you can buy various delicacies.

Participating in fruit picking or digging is also a new trend. Many growers, farmers and orchardists allow you to harvest fruit yourself, which can then be purchased at a price many times lower than in a store. Additionally, you can spend time in a pleasant atmosphere, try local products, and after the harvest, feast together with the hosts by the bonfire.

Forests, mountains, lakes

During a staycation, we take advantage of what nature has given us, i.e. visits to the lake, sunbathing at the swimming pool or walks in the mountains or by the sea. You can go mushroom picking in the forest or kayaking on the local river. If such places are not at your fingertips, there are certainly places worth visiting nearby. You can get to them by train or car, or, if relatively close, by bike or electric scooter. We are only limited by our imagination.

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