Will there be screen-free zones? Kołobrzeg has such an idea

Will there be screen-free zones?  Kołobrzeg has such an idea

A Kołobrzeg councilor wants to create screen-free zones on the beach. – It is possible that it will be the entire strip along with a windbreak ban – he says. The city is checking legal options.

The idea appeared after the long August weekend, because, as Kamil Barwinek, a councilor in Kołobrzeg, emphasizes, the residents had simply had enough. Therefore, he wrote an interpellation on this matter with a proposal to designate screen-free zones.

Kołobrzeg without screens?

– The point is not to ban the erection of screens, but to give people a choice, to create places where they simply will not exist. The beach in Kołobrzeg is long and at the same time wide thanks to the refurbishment, in my opinion 2 or 3 sections of the beach could function without screens – says Kamil Barwinek in an interview with Wprost.pl. He adds that the city is currently conducting legal analyzes and is considering one more solution. – The idea is to make the beach free from screens at a certain distance from the shoreline. I think this is a good idea, also for safety reasons, because lifeguards also have difficulties in their work if the beach is covered with screens – says the councilor. He also explains that on clear days, entire screen towns are formed on the beach early in the morning and their purpose is not to protect against the wind, but to isolate oneself from others and create private, closed spaces.

The councilor goes to the beach without a screen

As Kamil Barwinek assures, he does not have or use a screen. – I only take a blanket or my own deckchair to the beach. What if the wind blows? I live in Kołobrzeg, so on such days I simply don’t go to the beach. I know that tourists do not have such comfort, so I do not want to eliminate screens completely – he emphasizes. The city has until the end of August to respond to the councilor’s interpellation.

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