A revolution in public transport in Warsaw. No more validators and ticket machines

A revolution in public transport in Warsaw.  No more validators and ticket machines

As many as five companies are fighting for the rights to introduce changes to Warsaw’s public transport. Trams and buses are to undergo a major transformation.

The capital is getting ready for another revolution. This time there was a lot of talk about the upcoming changes in public transport. So far, everything has worked like in most large Polish cities. Anyone who wanted to use a bus or tram had to buy a ticket from a machine or application and validate it. Innovative companies have other solutions for Warsaw.

Changes in public transport in Warsaw

Work on introducing a new ticket system is already underway. Thanks to it, you will be able to forget about traditional validators and ticket machines. The city must choose a company that will implement the changes. The Public Transport Authority in Warsaw has long revealed that it is ready for this. “The new ticket system is a very large, long-term and demanding project, taking into account the size of Warsaw and the entire agglomeration and our extensive tariff offer. Therefore, when planning a new system, we had to think everything through carefully and plan in detail. Preparing the procedure cost us a lot of effort, but today we can proudly announce that we are ready to implement a new public transport fare system,” said Katarzyna Strzegowska, ZTM director, last fall.

What can you expect instead of familiar devices? The change is to be truly revolutionary and consistent with modern trends. Passengers will use new technologies, including: payment cards, phones, city cards and smartwatches. Sound intriguing? Everything should appeal to young people especially. Older and less modern ones will have to switch from analog devices to digital ones.

When will ticket machines and validating machines be removed from Warsaw?

As ZTM representatives mentioned, the changes will be carried out gradually and will take time. Currently, as many as five companies are willing to introduce the new system. The process is to be carried out with experienced and proven partners specializing in Visa and MasterCard cashless payments. “The submitted documents are currently being verified. Our schedule assumes that a contractor will be selected and an implementation contract signed this year,” said Tomasz Kunert, quoted by “TVN Warszawa”.

Everything is to be launched in about a year and a half, and the implementations themselves are expected to last two years. While the new features are introduced, you will still be able to use traditional ticket machines and validators. The full effect of the revolution is expected to be seen in 2028.

This is not the first metamorphosis that the city will undergo, as we have just informed that at least two streets will undergo changes. The target is Złota and Zgoda, but also Chmielna, Bracka and Centralny Square. All this to make Warsaw more friendly to pedestrians – residents and tourists.

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