Unsafe landing of a plane with 106 people on board. The machine suffered damage

Unsafe landing of a plane with 106 people on board.  The machine suffered damage

Hurricane Hilary reached the coast of the USA and Mexico and caused considerable disruption. Passengers of an Alaska Airlines plane experienced a hard landing due to strong winds. The situation was so dangerous that the machine suffered serious damage.

In recent days, residents of the United States and Mexico have been struggling with the effects of Hurricane Hilary. The tropical storm caused dangerous floods, including: in Los Angeles. In addition, strong winds ruined the plans of many plane passengers. One of the machines found itself in a difficult landing situation. The vehicle suffered serious damage, but no one on board was injured.

Alaska Airlines plane damaged during landing

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 was destroyed during a hard landing at Santa Ana Airport. The plane was carrying passengers on August 20 from Seattle to Santa Ana, California. Unfortunately, the end of this trip was not pleasant.

The aircraft was affected by Hurricane Hilary, which caused it to impact runway 20R and stop on the taxiway. The incident was filmed by passengers on board.

Fortunately, there are no reports of injured travelers or crew members. However, everyone got out of the vehicle under the supervision of emergency services.

The vehicle was unable to reach the gate

The 15-year-old Boeing 737-800 had a problem after landing and was “unable to taxi to the gate” due to a landing gear problem.

Alaska Airlines said there were 106 passengers and six crew members on board. No one was injured. According to Cirium fleet records, the aircraft has registration number N516AS and was transferred to the airline in December 2008.

Photos posted on social media show severely damaged aircraft landing gear on the left side. The wing was probably also punctured. The left engine was lying on the taxiway.

“The plane parked on the taxiway and everyone exited the plane safely. Our maintenance and safety teams are inspecting the aircraft,” the airline said.

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