A tourist from Great Britain was delighted with the Polish city. She chose an unpopular gem

A tourist from Great Britain was delighted with the Polish city.  She chose an unpopular gem

The Polish city delighted foreign tourists. This is another reason for us to be proud. It turns out that the local regions, often underestimated by their compatriots, have a lot to offer.

A recognizable tourist from Great Britain tours the length and breadth of Poland. She has already visited popular cities such as Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. She recently decided to visit the province. Lublin Voivodeship and went to Lublin. To her surprise, she found everything there that delighted her.

A British woman delighted with Lublin

The traveler in question runs a TikTok profile called @travelwithkena. She is followed by over 770,000 people on a daily basis. people, including Poles. This includes: they noticed that once again, tourists from abroad appreciated the corners of our country. Earlier, the British were already delighted with, among others, Książ Castle located in Wałbrzych – seemingly an unpopular point, on the other hand, The Sun newspaper itself wrote about it.

This time the tourist praised Lublin. This picturesque city is associated with, among others, with the Catholic University, the Krakow Gate, and the famous underground route has so much to offer that the woman was enchanted. According to her reports, she felt like a princess from a fairy tale there. She appreciated, among others: picturesque streets, beautiful weather, a market square or a castle.

The tourist’s recording evokes emotions

People from Poland who had the opportunity to see the woman’s video did not hide their astonishment. Previously, when a tourist asked for advice because she didn’t know where to go, many advised her not to go to Lublin. It was pointed out that there was nothing there and no attractions. Today, her video related to her visit to the Polish city has been viewed nearly 21,000 times.

The woman was happy that she did not listen to the advice of Internet users and decided to have her own way. It proved to Poles that they do not know their own corners and do not appreciate many attractive places. “They were wrong, it’s a crime how underrated this city is,” she said on social media. Internet users were proud of such praise and wrote: “It’s my city.” They also asked, among other things, what hotel she was staying at. In addition, some people also recommend other areas, such as Gdańsk, and encourage her to visit Lublin in winter. Have you been to this city?

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