A very important victory for Magdalena Fręch. The Polish woman was reborn after the “collapse”

A very important victory for Magdalena Fręch.  The Polish woman was reborn after the "collapse"

Magdalena Fręch does not stop during the WTA 1000 tournament in Dubai. In the second round, the Pole eliminated Petra Martić.

Magdalena Fręch entered the competition in the second round of the WTA 1000 event in Dubai, elated by her victory over Ekaterina Aleksandrova in the opening round. There were many indications that the match with Petra Martić would be even. Some time ago, the Croatian was a better tennis player than the Polish, but that has changed.

Fręch won in the first set

In the opening game, Magdalena Fręch broke her opponent at the very beginning, and later in the next game she documented the advantage by maintaining her own serve. The Croatian then pressed her because our tennis player had some problems with selecting the right serve. In the next part of the set, Martić made more mistakes than Fręch, although the Pole could have kicked herself. This was the case, among others, at 3-1, when she had the opportunity to break again, but she recorded three mistakes in a row next to her name.

Then Martić won the game and the score was 3-2. However, the break advantage that the Łódź player gained in the first game was still important. She was the reason why Martić had to do everything to catch up with Fręch, but it didn’t happen. It’s all mainly due to the very good service of our tennis player. Fręch confidently won her service games, and this was the key to winning the game, which ultimately ended with the score 6:4.

Changing the face of the Fręch game

After a successful first set, it seemed that the Pole could win the competition against Martić in two games. However, the reality turned out to be brutal. The game of the second best tennis player from our country completely fell apart. Already at the beginning of the set it was obvious that Martić took the initiative. Fręch played slowly, too defensively, and also made a lot of unforced errors. This had to end badly.

First, the Croatian did not allow herself to be broken, then she scored a game on Fręch’s serve and then again on her serve. And all this in great style. A few minutes after the start of the set, it was already 3-0.

Not much changed after that. We watched a demolition on the court, which was a surprise considering how Fręch played in the first set. In the second game, the Łódź player could only afford an honorary game on her own serve. There were too many mistakes to think about putting up an equal fight with Martić. The Croatian quickly closed the matter, winning 6:1, which meant that the winner of the duel would be determined by the third set.

The revival of the Polish tennis player

We were waiting with great interest to see how things would unfold in the third game. Fortunately, Fręch started it much better than the previous one. Again, we could observe more offensive play and, above all, service, which helped rather than hindered. Fręch showed a real show in the fourth game, when she passed her opponent after one of the returns and generally caused her problems with returns. This made Martić so helpless that the Pole broke it. Then she was already leading 3:1.

A moment later, the 26-year-old jumped to a three-game advantage, without losing a point on her own serve. Then Martić was obviously nervous and was looking for unconventional moves, but neither lobs nor even forehands worked for her.

Martić was unable to return to her good game, and Fręch played pleasant tennis. She won the third set 6:2 and thus advanced to the third round. This is a very important victory, because it is not easy to recover from the “collapse” that the Pole had in the second game.

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