The Polish capital of potatoes. The largest monument of this vegetable in the world stands here

The Polish capital of potatoes.  The largest monument of this vegetable in the world stands here

It may come as a surprise to many that the Polish capital of potatoes is not located in Greater Poland. A small village in Western Pomerania not only has a potato in its coat of arms, but the potato also has its monument here.

We are talking about Biesiekierz, a village located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, near Koszalin. The town with less than 1,000 inhabitants is famous for the Potato Monument, and the inhabitants of Biesiekierz hailed the village as the Polish capital of potatoes.

Potato Monument in Biesiekierz

The Potato Monument has been attracting tourists here for years, wanting a souvenir photo with a giant potato. According to the commune, it is the largest potato monument not only in Poland but also in the whole world. The entire monument is 9 meters high, and the potato tuber placed on top is almost 4 meters high.

The monument was built in the 1980s (the official unveiling of the monument took place in 1983). The idea to erect such a unique monument in the village came from the director of the Plant Breeding Station operating here at that time, Mariusz Roeder, and the monument itself was created in honor of the new potato varieties bred in Biesiekierz. As an interesting fact, it can be added that the height of the monument itself is not accidental – 9 meters symbolizes 9 varieties of potatoes from Biesekier. The author of the monument is the sculptor Wiesław Adamski.

Welcome to the commune famous for potatoes in the world

Local creativity proves how inspiring a potato can be. The local poet Zygmunt Królak wrote the following poem about him: “Dear visitor, welcome to the commune, which is famous for potatoes in the world. It is the potato, from the coat of arms and the monument, that glorifies this land and the farmer. This colossus stands by the road, apparently even visible in space. If you grate it and peel it, there will be enough cakes for the entire commune. “Whoever wants to touch him, whoever doesn’t believe him, should come to Biesiekierz himself.”

What is worth seeing in Biesiekierz?

If you go to Biesiekierz to take a selfie with a potato, it is worth staying here a while longer and seeing the historic church of Christ the King from the 14th century. In Biesiekierz there is also a palace (from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries) surrounded by a park with an oak alley with 9 monumental trees. However, the palace is private property and access to it is not always possible.

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