The match between Magda Linette and Victoria Azarenka is interrupted. They had a right to be annoyed

The match between Magda Linette and Victoria Azarenka is interrupted.  They had a right to be annoyed

The match between Magda Linette and Victoria Azarenka was supposed to be one of the most exciting on the first day of the WTA Montreal tournament. And it was, if we assume that irritation is also a feeling that can be classified as such. Two long breaks due to rain and uncertainty … This is not how both tennis players imagined.

Some time ago, Magda Linette published an entry on the web about her questionable health situation. The fans were worried about her and it was not known when the Poznań player would return to the game. Even her appearance at the US Open was in doubt. Fortunately, however, the tennis player recovered faster than some expected, and on August 7 she joined the competition in WTA Montreal.

The match between Magda Linette and Wiktoria Azarenka was quickly interrupted

Fortune was not kind to the Polish representative, because the draw did not go her way. It is true that Victoria Azarenka has not been in the best shape for a long time, but she still maintains a good level and never appears as an easy opponent. Linette found out about it this time as well.

In the first set, we watched an unsuccessful pursuit of the Poznań player after her opponent. Already at the beginning of the meeting, the Belarusian took the lead, being much more effective than her rival. After three games it was 2-1 for her, and then an additional unlucky event happened. The fourth part of the set was in progress when suddenly it started to rain and the tennis players left the court for two hours.

Wiktoria Azarenka dominated over Magda Linette

When they returned, Azarenka maintained the advantage, and the Polish woman could not use very convenient situations to cause her a problem. In the seventh game, with the score 4:2, we saw how the Belarusian barely hit the ball from under the net – lightly and easily countered. Linette had the whole court in front of her, her opponent would have no chance to defend. Despite this, our compatriot missed.

In the close-ups of the camera, we saw Lientte’s annoyance, which certainly did not help her in terms of staying focused and improving efficiency. Therefore, Azarenka’s 6:3 triumph in the first set is not surprising.

Unlucky tennis players at the beginning of WTA Montreal

Unfortunately, however, before the start of the second set, there was something that both the players and the fans really hate, namely the break due to rainfall. This time the tennis players did not leave the court, but they waited many minutes for the organizers’ decision. Linette and Azarenka had big doubts about whether the surface was too slippery, and also about waiting under the towels on the court. Only after a quarter of an hour it was decided to leave the Polish and the Belarusian to the locker room.

At the moment, it is not known what time the match will resume and whether it will happen on the same day.

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