Channel Zero. Krzysztof Stanowski reveals his cards. He gave six famous names

Channel Zero.  Krzysztof Stanowski reveals his cards.  He gave six famous names

Krzysztof Stanowski announced part of the permanent lineup of his new “Kanał Zero”. The list included, among others, Tomasz Raczek and rapper Tede.

In October 2023, Krzysztof Stanowski announced the end of cooperation with Channel Sportowy, which he co-founded. A month later, the journalist announced that he was creating a new channel, which would be called Channel Zero. Although the project has not actually started yet, it already has 490,000. subscribers on YouTube. So far, Stanowski has published only one video there, which explains the topic of the channel.

“The channel is intended to be a hub that brings together personalities and authorities from serious areas of life. This is a plan for something big. Not 3-4 films a week, but a day. The word ‘zero’ is supposed to be the glue, to connect everything on this channel. There will be a morning band, that’s obvious. Cheerful, nice. There will also be an evening program with cool, refreshed conversations, that’s what everyone expects. Spend the morning and evening with us, but that’s not all,” he explained. The first announced sponsor of the channel is Rocket Jobs, a portal for job seekers.

Raczek, Tede and Goździalska among the permanent employees of Kanał Zero

According to plans, Channel Zero is to launch on February 1. On Friday, January 19, Krzysztof Stanowski revealed the first cards regarding his regular collaborators. At the same time, he announced that there would be as many as 22 names before the start. “Of course, these are not all of them, some people you will meet during the programs, some will only join us in March or April,” he said.

Today we met only some of the journalist’s future collaborators. “I will tell you in detail what Channel Zero will be on February 1. Today, I am proud to reveal the first seven cards (well, six, because my participation in the project is not a surprise, ha),” he said and listed:

  • Tomasz Rożek (popularizer of physical sciences),

  • Marcin Meller (one of the most famous Polish journalists),

  • Monika Goździalska (media personality and model),

  • Jacek Graniecki – Tede (Polish rapper),

  • Andrzej Twarowski (commentator, mainly Premier League matches) and

  • Tomasz Raczek (a famous film critic in Poland).

The social media post also included photos of all announced Channel Zero employees.

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