Krzysztof Stanowski clashed with a popular influencer. What was it about?

Krzysztof Stanowski clashed with a popular influencer.  What was it about?

Krzysztof Stanowski published an entry on X, referring to the financial situation of Tomasz Matysiak, known online as the “Crazy Reporter”. You didn't have to wait long for the popular YouTuber's response.

As the Wirtualne Media portal reminds, the announced material presenting Matysiak's profile will soon appear on Channel Zero. What exactly it will cover may be partly revealed by, among others: recent entries by Stanowski – the owner of one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

Stanowski stuck a pin in Matysiak: Is it okay that you show off your wealth?

“Tell me first, is it okay that you show off your wealth on social media – travel, expensive hotels – and meanwhile on January 29, the court issued a decision declaring your personal bankruptcy?” – began the owner of the Wełości portal. He accused the Mad Reporter (who will soon fight football player Jakub Rzeźniczak in Clout MMA 5) of not mentioning anything about his alleged insolvency, although many materials have appeared on his social media since January. “Don't you think this might have been interesting information for your audience?” – Stanowski asked.

The journalist also pointed to other goods presented by Matysiak, such as branded clothes or luxury trips, as well as VIP tickets to freak-fight galas (worth approximately PLN 2,000). Stanowski also published a photo of the Crazy Reporter, taken in Dubai, soaking his feet in the pool, meanwhile drinking a drink and dancing to the music.

In addition, Stanowski referred to Matysiak's material from three weeks ago, in which he suggested that the journalist allegedly had something to do with Law and Justice (“Stanowski took money from PiS?”). “Why actually go to court with you? So that they take your Balenciaga socks? Have mercy on the trustee and don't slander people, because you're giving him more work,” said the owner, Wesło, at the end.

Matysiak soon responded. “I'm thrilled that you're interested in my life,” he began ironically. “Szalony” stated that “personal attacks appeared when” the “allegation” was raised that Stanowski allegedly “took money from PiS.” He also invited people to watch the material – as he said, “there will be a response to these allegations there.” Finally, Matysiak jokingly referred to the end of Stanowski's entry, noting that he “never had Balenciaga socks.”

Then there were harsh insults

However, this did not end the bitter exchange of words. Stanowski once again commented on the matter. “But I haven't even started attacking you personally yet, although of course I don't rule out such a possibility. He then emphasized that the “socks” part was just a “metaphor.” “Quite obvious”, because we know that even if you had them, the court wouldn't order you to hand over those old socks to me. However, these 'Balenciaga socks' perfectly reflect what you do on social media – alleged wealth and overpaid kitsch, which was probably intended to arouse envy and admiration among your followers,” he said. He added that now viewers may experience a completely different emotion – “embarrassment”.

Stanowski persisted. “Now it's time to publicly confess: I'm bankrupt,” he wrote regarding Matysiak's alleged financial situation. He also wondered “if it was possible to minimize the effects of this bankruptcy for Matysiak's creditors.” “Or (…) did you go otter hunting, not taking into account how much and for what you hang. This would mean that in addition to being naked, you are also a dick,” Stanowski said sharply.

Soon, another entry by Matysiak appeared. “Insults, insults, insults. You can call me a little dick, but I can, with full responsibility, call you a little dick. I don't enter the intimate zone, I guess it's common knowledge?” – he replied just as firmly. Stanowski replied to the Reporter for the last time that he meant the influencer's “character”, not his “natural nature”. To which he responded by saying that he also described Stanowski's character when he addressed him by his diminutive name – “Krzysiu” – which appeared several times in the entries.

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