He found his boarding pass in the trash can. Passed all airport checks

He found his boarding pass in the trash can.  Passed all airport checks

One of the passengers who ended up at the airport in the United States was extremely lucky. It turned out that he did not have to have a ticket to get through the security checks. The supposedly proven system failed.

The incident in question was the result of an error that should never have happened. One tourist found a boarding pass in a trash can and, as it later turned out, used it to pass all the necessary checks at the airport. The reason for the unusual situation turned out to be the CLEAR system, which has recently been the cause of serious incidents.

He took his boarding pass out of the basket. The tourist seized the moment

The CLEAR system has been introduced at selected airports in the United States. Thanks to it, the pre-flight security check process was to be accelerated. It now appears to be causing a lot of trouble and raising concerns about proper oversight.

The aforementioned CLEAR is a modern identity verification system, thanks to which passengers who purchase annual membership can count on faster control. It allows express passage through security checkpoints in exchange for a fixed fee. It turns out that the gates that allow people authorized to cross them are also used by people without documents – what is most interesting – they pass the checks positively.

Recently, one of the men crossed to the other side thanks to a boarding pass taken from a garbage can, strange as it seems, no amount of control has prevented the fraud.

Tourists use the system more often than you might think

It turns out that similar events happen often. This year, goals have been passed by, among others: a man who had a boarding pass but to a different airport and should not have been able to get to the other side. Similar “luck” happened to another passenger using false data.

Although the system with the CLEAR service charges almost $190 per year, the option has disadvantages. More and more people are wondering why such situations occur and believe that the problem is mainly the lack of proper supervision of airport employees. Currently, staff are undergoing additional training related to the verification process, which is to help reduce the risk of similar incidents in the future.

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