Tomasz Hajto bluntly about Robert Lewandowski’s game. He said what he would do during halftime

Tomasz Hajto bluntly about Robert Lewandowski's game.  He said what he would do during halftime

Tomasz Hajto commented on Robert Lewandowski’s game in strong words. The former Polish representative did not mince his words and revealed what he would do with him during the break.

Polish players failed in the match against the Czech Republic and squandered their last chance to advance. Although there were some positives in the game under Michał Probierz’s leadership, unfortunately the 1-1 draw means that we will have to look for our chance in the play-offs, the semi-finals of which are scheduled for March 21 and the finals – on March 26.

Tomasz Hajto pointed out who was responsible for the result against the Czech Republic

Immediately after this meeting, journalists and experts loudly commented on what happened to this national team in these qualifiers. Robert Lewandowski’s return after injury unfortunately did not make us more effective. As if that wasn’t enough, our captain played simply poorly, for which he was rated “one” by “Wprost”.

“We don’t remember a single successful play by ‘Lewy’, unless we count single backward passes when he simply gave the ball to his teammates. He slowed down, the ball bounced around him, he looked like a foreign body in this team, and this was a really great play. He had one good opportunity to score a goal, but he hit the ball dirty. Something horrible. A strong candidate for Lewandowski’s worst performance in the national team,” we explain.

The former captain of the Polish national team, Tomasz Hajto, went one step further on Polsat Sport. – To tell you honestly, I would replace Robert Lewandowski during the break. He played poorly. He is a great player and is incredibly effective, but the national team and the fans have no time to wait for Robert to break through – he said in the studio.

In the match against the Czech Republic, Robert Lewandowski fired three shots, one of which was on target. However, the former Polish representative does not write off the 35-year-old and believes that things will get better. – Robert will finally break down and start shooting – he concluded.

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