Starfield Reviews. Is Bethesda’s new RPG a hit?

Starfield Reviews.  Is Bethesda's new RPG a hit?

Reviews of Starfield – the long-awaited space RPG from Bethesda – have appeared online. The titanic production attracted many reviewers who had a lot of good things to say. What ratings did the game receive?

A few days before the premiere of Starfield, the Internet was flooded with reviews of the game. The end of the embargo means that players can finally find out whether Bethesda delivered an outstanding title, only a good one, or maybe a buggy average one. Here’s how the ratings break down.

Starfield reviews – a game with over 8/10 ratings

People who are counting on a good game in which they can sink hundreds of hours can rest easy. The grades are good, with a majority of eights and nines. Starfield received much fewer maximum ratings or those deviating from the distribution downwards.

Metacritic, which collects reviews of individual portals, states that Starfield is currently rated at 88/100 points for the PC version and 87/100 points for the Xbox version. You can check the individual ratings below:

  • GamesRadar+ – 5/5

  • VGC – 5/5

  • Destructoid – 10/10

  • Forbes – 9.5/10

  • – 9.5/10

  • VideoGamer – 9/10

  • Wccftech – 9/10

  • Game Informer – 8.5/10

  • PC Gamer – 75/100

  • IGN – 7/10

  • PC Mag – 3.5/5

Starfield – good plot, but what didn’t deliver?

Many reviews emphasize how good the plot in Starfield is – some call it the best in all Bethesda games to date. However, you have to let the action develop because the beginning is quite slow. Reviewers were also impressed by the presentation of the world, including interestingly written characters and various factions.

What’s more, the big advantage of the production is the gameplay. We are dealing here with probably the best shooting by the developers from BGS – skirmishes on the surface of planets with firearms, as well as hunting duels in spaceships, are supposed to be a lot of fun.

However, critics were divided by the exploration of the game world. Some consider it brilliant and emphasize the enormous scale and power of the planets to visit. Others argue that the locations can be empty and quite boring. “Starfield shares a lot of the DNA of Skyrim and Fallout 4, but ultimately it’s inferior to both of its predecessors,” writes a PC Gamer reviewer.

The game looks beautiful, despite the very old engine used by Bethesda. Most importantly, the reviewers did not find too many bugs and problems, which was usually the case with every game premiere of this studio. The PC version will be more refined in this respect.

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