We know the release date of PlayStation 5. Sony also shared new information

We know the release date of PlayStation 5. Sony also shared new information

PlayStation 5 – this is the official name of the next-generation console produced by Sony – is taking shape. The Wired editorial team talked to the company's management, who revealed, among other things: information that fans of Japanese consoles have been waiting for. We learned the release date.

What will the new Sony console be like? We found out thanks to The Wired. Journalists met with the company's management, who revealed a handful of previously unknown information. For example, we learned the name and release date of the new device.

Technical Specifications

The new console is expected to be very powerful. According to the project manager's announcement, PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a processor system based on the third generation of AMD Ryzen. The CPU will have eight cores in the Zen 2 architecture. The graphics will be handled by the Radeon Navi system with ray-tracing technology, a technology that models the movement of light. Its purpose is to reproduce lighting in three-dimensional objects in video games as realistically as possible.

SSD drives will also be placed in the console, which will affect the data transfer rate. This will significantly shorten the loading of levels or areas in games.

The conversation also included a promise that the new Sony console would provide compatibility with games from older generations as well as disc support. This is important because, despite the growing digital game distribution market, many fans of virtual entertainment still value collecting CDs with their favorite titles.

New-old pad

The Wired editorial team also had the opportunity to see a prototype version of the new controller. At first glance, the older brother of the DualShock 4 looks very similar to the PlayStation 4 pad. However, it is mainly about the shape. This means that we will see the symmetrical analog arrangement typical of Sony consoles.

The biggest novelty will be the screen, which will be enriched with a version of the voice assistant. It will probably be located in the place of the touch panel known from DualShock 4. The new element is intended to help players navigate through task lists, maps, and other functions that should be at hand. Interestingly, the new pad will no longer vibrate. Technology known for several generations will be replaced by diversified haptics. What is hidden behind this vague name? Simple solution. It involves communication between the device and the player through a series of tactile stimuli, such as vibrations, jerks or pressure. Thanks to this, the pad will more authentically reflect, for example, the different types of surfaces on which the car will move in racing games.

PlayStation 5 for the holidays

Mark Cerny also announced the release date of the next generation console. We can look for PlayStation 5 under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, this is not about the upcoming holidays, but about December 2020. Sony fans must therefore be patient and wait for another, long-awaited premiere that will take place earlier – the release of “The Last of Us 2”.

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