Are your legs swollen? The doctor revealed home remedies for swelling

Are your legs swollen?  The doctor revealed home remedies for swelling

How to deal with troublesome swelling with home remedies? Phlebologist Łukasz Paluch recommended three simple methods.

Hot weather is an extremely difficult time for people who are prone to swelling. Prof. Łukasz Paluch, a phlebologist who runs the popular Instagram profile @dr.paluch.flebolog, this time drew attention to the problem of swelling and revealed simple ways to deal with it.

Home remedies for swelling

Łukasz Paluch recommended three methods:

  • Eating plenty of foods containing diosmin and hesperidin, including fruits and vegetables. Diosmin and hesperidin are natural flavonoids that occur, among others, in citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruits). Both hesperidin and diosmin seal blood vessels – it is not without reason that they are the main ingredient of many preparations recommended for problems with venous insufficiency, including edema.

  • Wearing appropriately selected compression stockings. Łukasz Paluch emphasized, however, that he chooses only when the leg is not swollen.

  • Cool baths: in the bathtub, in the shower and in natural reservoirs. It is best to combine a bath with a self-massage.

Swollen legs – don’t ignore it

As Łukasz Paluch has explained many times, many people think that the feeling of heavy legs is a natural state that you simply have to get used to. – Meanwhile, the repeated feeling of heaviness and distension is a disturbing symptom. This is a symptom of inflammation and venous hypertension, which should prompt you to undergo a test – the specialist emphasized in one of his posts. And as he added, the feeling of heavy legs is one of the first and most important symptoms of venous insufficiency.

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