They warn against updating your iPhone. People are seeing old photos, even of other users

They warn against updating your iPhone.  People are seeing old photos, even of other users

A bizarre bug in the latest update available for iPhones has shocked many users. Some people complained about seeing photos from years ago, and that's not all.

Do you think that after deleting photos from iPhone, they are destroyed forever? It turns out that the truth is different, and even if our data disappears from the device, it is still stored in a system that is invisible to us. Many people realized this recently when a disturbing bug appeared in the latest version of iOS 17.5.

Bug in the new iOS 17.5 update

Many experts in the technology industry are warning against the latest update for iPhone, iOS 17.5. The first reports appeared on Reddit. A special announcement also appeared, among others: on one of the videos of the famous YouTube channel run by Kuba Kawiter. From the episode of the “Tech Week” series we learn that it is better to refrain from installing a new version of software.

An error may or may not occur. After the update, some users complained that old photos that they had deleted long ago were suddenly displayed in the gallery. The list also included embarrassing and intimate ones, which further increased users' anxiety. Most interestingly, photos of other users would also appear on iPhones, e.g. the previous owner of the iPhone, if the phone came from the so-called second hand. What was surprising was that the phone had previously been completely wiped and formatted.

Bug in iOS 17.5 update. Need caution

According to the information provided in the “Tech Week” video, many people reported complaints about problems with strange and old photos. “For someone, photos deleted three years ago have reappeared in the gallery, for someone else, photos from 2010 that should no longer be on the device,” Kuba Kawiter described the situation. He referred to comments from Apple users. It turns out that if we sold an iPhone to someone, that person may display our old photos on the phone and it is difficult to fix it.

The new software appeared on the market on May 11. Although it has many advantages, it also has its flaws. Although the situation is unusual in the media, it is difficult to find Apple's comment on this subject at the moment. However, it is expected that one may appear soon. Considering the incident that is becoming more and more public, for safety reasons it is better to refrain from updating the phone, at least until the matter is clarified. Once the giant officially confirms the issue, the bug should be fixed quickly.

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