Ukraine is scaring Russia with new weapons. Americans call it FrankenSAM

Ukraine is scaring Russia with new weapons.  Americans call it FrankenSAM

The army of our eastern neighbors has new weapons that are a combination of Western and post-Soviet technical thought.

From the very beginning, Ukraine has been supported by many of its Western allies, including: largely by Poland – who supply it with hundreds of thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition. Nevertheless, despite everything, the authorities in Kiev are well aware of the fact that in difficult situations it is always best to rely on yourself, which is why Ukrainian engineers have been working hard on their own type of weapons for a long time. As a result, very interesting structures are often created.

We are talking about an anti-aircraft weapon that the Americans jokingly named after FrankenSAMbecause, just like the fictional creature appearing for the first time in the novel by writer Mary Shelley and its film adaptations, it is a hybrid consisting of several, seemingly strangely connected elements.

FrankenSAM is the new terror of the Russian army

The unusual weapon is a successful combination of Western, Ukrainian and post-Soviet technological thought. It combined American elements of anti-aircraft defense systems with elements of weapons from very ancient times.

FrankenSAM was created as a result of modifying rocket launchers and old Soviet radars already in the resources of the Ukrainian army. One of the invented combinations is to modify the Soviet Buk launcher to such an extent that it could fire the American RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missile. Another combination involves combining Soviet-era radars with American Sidewinder missiles.

It lives!In the sense that it works

It is not without reason that the weapon, which owes its nickname to a monster stitched together from several different elements, is said to have a successful design. As representatives of the Ukrainian armed forces have just announced, FrankenSAM recently made its debut in combat conditions, knocking down a Russian kamikaze drone from a distance of nine kilometers.

So it looks like the Ukrainian FrankenSAM is alive and well and is even capable of threatening the Russian army.

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