An amazing display of the latest technology. Apple Vision Pro disassembled into parts

An amazing display of the latest technology.  Apple Vision Pro disassembled into parts

The editor of the iFixit website dismantled Apple Vision Pro, a futuristic augmented reality goggle that uses cutting-edge consumer technologies. There's a lot to admire.

Let's start with goggles Vision Pro It's a truly groundbreaking piece of equipment that takes advantage of virtually all of the latest consumer technology advancements. Apple has packed them with futuristic solutions that delight with their level of advancement and minimalism. It's hard to believe that engineers from Cupertino managed to fit so many components into such a small space, so every technology fan should watch the video prepared by iFixit.

However, in order not to become overly optimistic, you should be aware of one very important issue: at this stage, Apple Vision Pro is not yet a device for everyone. And definitely not for every budget, because the goggles – although they are not officially available in Poland yet – in Polish zlotys cost about PLN 15,000. Quite a lot. Even for the vast majority of iPhone users, these goggles are just an intriguing curiosity to look at “behind the glass.” And nothing more.

However, it must be remembered that Vision Pro can, in fact, replace many other devices: TV, monitor, computer, tablet, headphones; you can listen to music, watch a series, write texts, edit video files, do… anything. However, at this stage it should be treated only as a curiosity – the equipment can be rented for two weeks to play with the latest technology straight from Apple. The first version of the goggles is not comfortable enough, and it does not look like you would want to go out in the street wearing them.

Reviewers mostly agree about Apple Vision Pro: it is a brilliant and revolutionary vision of the future, but not yet.

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