Why is this volleyball player even better than Bartosz Kurek? Intriguing words from the coach

Why is this volleyball player even better than Bartosz Kurek?  Intriguing words from the coach

Ireneusz Kłos, in an interview with “Wprost”, spoke exceptionally warmly about one of the Polish volleyball players. He received a lot of compliments, including that in some respects he is even better than Bartosz Kurek.

Ireneusz Kłos is a living legend of Polish volleyball, as well as an expert who does not bite his tongue and does not try to be “politically correct” in every situation. Therefore, in an interview with “Wprost”, he will also put forward a bold thesis. He took a closer look at one of our country’s representatives and compared him with Bartosz Kurek. It turned out surprisingly.

Łukasz Kaczmarek is becoming more and more important in the Polish national team

All, of course, because of the ongoing European Championships, in which Poles have two tasks – win a medal, preferably gold, and also test many alternative variants of the game and get in shape before qualifying for the Olympic Games. We already saw a lot of tests in the match against the Czechs, and we will probably face more in the next matches.

Therefore, Łukasz Kaczmarek, among others, should get a lot of chances to play. – The Serb generally wants to base the Polish team on those players he is confident about, said Kłos. It seems that the coach is gaining more and more of it in the context of ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle’s attacker. Both men worked together in this club, and now the volleyball player’s position in the team’s hierarchy is growing.

A surprising thesis about Łukasz Kaczmarek and Bartosz Kurek

– By the way, there was a lot of talk about Łukasz Kaczmarek, that he was a chimerical player. And now it turns out that he is very much needed by the national team, especially in the face of Bartosz Kurek’s health problems – the volleyball expert wisely noted.

Kłos also reminded that recently the ZAKSA attacker replaced the captain of our team with great dignity. – A great example was the final game in the Nations League. Kaczmarek played brilliantly, especially in the final against the Americans for the VNL gold, he said. In addition, the former coach made a surprising comparison. – Łukasz is becoming more and more needed by the national team from season to season. Moreover, it seems to me that Kaczmarek is a more versatile attacker than Bartosz Kurek – he concluded.

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