New regulations in airlines. The carrier wants to prohibit the use of perfumes

New regulations in airlines.  The carrier wants to prohibit the use of perfumes

More changes are coming. The Directorate of Civil Aviation proposed updating the regulations. Perfumes will be subject to a special ban.

Perfumes may soon be deemed prohibited on passenger flights. The General Civil Aviation (DGCA), the organization responsible for regulating aviation regulations in India, is proposing a new solution to streamline the cabin crew screening process.

Perfume on the prohibited items list

The regulations of the institution that oversees the aviation industry in India include new rules for cabin crew. The guidelines are intended to facilitate sobriety tests, which are performed by checking the presence of alcohol in the exhaled air.

“No crew member may use medicines or any other substances such as mouthwash, tooth gel and perfume or any similar product containing alcohol. This may result in a positive result of the breath analyzer test,” reads the content of the updated regulations, which previously did not indicate that perfumes may negatively affect the results of a sobriety test.

The rules must be absolute

It has not been confirmed whether body odor can affect the test result. Perfumes contain trace amounts of alcohol and should not distort the results of a breathalyzer test. However, the new law prevents the crew from explaining a positive result for alcohol by the presence of perfume or other substances. Thanks to the changes introduced, sobriety at work should be observed more rigorously. Employees who take medications should consult a doctor before commencing the flight to verify their composition.

The crew should, by definition, take care of the safety of passengers on board. However, airline employees do not always lead by example. There have been cases of drunk pilots and other cabin workers throughout history. According to CNN, a Japan Airlines pilot exceeded the alcohol limit nine times.

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