He trusted GPS and almost cost him his life. A tourist was shot in a dangerous neighborhood

He trusted GPS and almost cost him his life.  A tourist was shot in a dangerous neighborhood

He just wanted to avoid a traffic jam and was shot in the face. The tourist regrets that he relied on the orientation of car navigation.

A tourist from the United States went on vacation to a previously unknown region. The man wanted to drive his car from Cape Town to Hermanus, famous for whale watching. Unfortunately, his navigation took him through a town known for its high crime rate. A GPS error almost cost him his life.

American shot in South Africa

Walter Fischel was attacked in the small town of Nyanga in South Africa. The incident occurred shortly after landing in Cape Town. Tempted by beautiful views of the coast and the opportunity to observe whales, a 55-year-old man drove a rented car towards the city of Hermanus. To avoid the traffic jam, the car’s navigation system took him through the town of Nyanaga, known in the region as the “murder capital.”

“I landed at Cape Town airport around 2 a.m., went outside, got to AVIS, picked up the car and entered the address in the vehicle’s GPS,” Fischel told News24. While traversing the route, four men suddenly surrounded his car, then one of them fired a gun straight into his face. The criminals threw him out of the car and stole the vehicle. The man is still recovering in hospital. According to The Sun, a tracheostomy tube was placed in his neck. He has a broken jaw and a visible bullet hole. If this it penetrated a few centimeters higher, the man could have died.

The tourist appeals to the South African authorities

The American believes that the city authorities should take better care of the safety of tourists. “I think that residents and tourists should be aware of where not to go and what not to do here,” he concluded. South Africa has been fighting crime for years, which has successfully discouraged tourists from exploring the beauty of this country. Local officials are trying to solve the problem – special guards have already been hired to guard tourists.

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