The Polish national football team with disgraceful statistics. This problem has been going on for 15 years!

The Polish national football team with disgraceful statistics.  This problem has been going on for 15 years!

This is not what the final stretch of the European Championship 2024 qualifying round for the Polish national team was supposed to look like. The White and Reds only drew 1-1 with Moldova at the PGE National Stadium, almost wasting their chances of advancing to next year’s tournament.

Coach Michał Probierz’s team squandered what they won during the competition against the Faroe Islands. Instead of ending the October international break with success, the Poles only drew with Moldova at the PGE National Stadium.

The White and Reds have had terrible statistics for 15 years!

Wojciech Górski shared an interesting thing on social media. The Interia journalist calculated that Poles have had a problem for many years when they concede a goal first. The matter is so alarming that in the last 42 matches, the White and Reds managed to reverse the fate of the matches only twice. These were matches in the Nations League, the most recent history is the match in Wrocław, from 2022, during the reign of coach Czesław Michniewicz.

However, it must be honestly admitted that the Nations League is not as prestigious as, for example, the qualifying rounds of the European or World Championships, not to mention major events of this type. Apparently, the Polish team is extremely fragile in this respect, which further exposes the weakness of the White and Reds.

“A terrifying statistic. Since the beginning of 2008, Poland has won only 2 of 42 matches for points, in which they conceded a goal first! With Wales under Michniewicz and with Bosnia under Brzęczek. Both in LN.2 matches out of 42 in 15 years. By 10 coaches, including Beenhakker. Mental monsters,” wrote an Interia journalist on the X website.

It was no different in the case of Sunday’s match, in which the Poles were unable to turn the match around in favor of the match, in which they only drew with Moldova (1:1). A blessing in disguise, although it is a weak consolation that the White and Reds did not lose, as was the case in the first match in Chisinau (2:3).

Two matches of the Polish national team in November

The White and Reds are in a very difficult position in terms of direct promotion to next year’s European Championships. In November, the Poles will play their last competitive match, taking on the Czechs at the PGE National Stadium. They are the runner-up of Group E, with a point advantage over Poland and one match less played. The Poland-Czech Republic match is scheduled for November 17, starting at 8:45 p.m.

In addition to playing in the European Championship 2024 qualifiers, the White and Reds will play one more match. The Poles will close the moderately successful year 2023 with another clash at the PGE National Stadium, where coach Michał Probierz’s team will face the Latvians. The friendly match between Poland and Latvia will take place on November 21, also from 8:45 p.m.

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