A trick for cheap tickets to Africa and Asia. Instead of 3 thousand PLN, almost half less

A trick for cheap tickets to Africa and Asia.  Instead of 3 thousand  PLN, almost half less

A Tiktoker from Poland shared a clever way to save money on traveling. Interestingly, we are talking about directions that are usually considered expensive and difficult to access.

We learned about the mentioned patent thanks to Nati from the TikTok profile called @dokadtymrazemm. The woman has gathered a large audience around her, as she is followed by over 188,000 people on a daily basis. people. She teaches Internet users how to travel and considers herself a master in finding cheap flights. Her latest patent concerns trips to Africa and Asia. It turns out to be impressive in its simplicity.

Cheap calls to Africa and Asia. The Polish woman has a proven method

It turns out that a trip to Asia does not have to cost over PLN 3,000. zloty. Thanks to a clever method, you can pay almost half as much. Such activities are very important because the saved funds can be used, among others, for: for accommodation or meals. A Polish traveler who talks about her adventures revealed that she recently paid PLN 1,700 for a flight to Seoul and saved over PLN 1,300 because the ticket from Warsaw was supposed to cost that much more. So what did she do?

All thanks to a specific transfer center, which – when it comes to Africa and Asia – she considered the best. “I believe that Budapest is one of the better European hubs” – this is the information shared by a Polish woman. The photos also showed the prices of sample direct flights from Budapest to places such as Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and Uganda. All you need is a short stop in the capital of Hungary and you can move on even for less than PLN 200.

This is how much you will pay for flights to Africa and Asia. The prices are impressive

According to the Polish woman, flights from Budapest to Kazakhstan start from PLN 420, to Saudi Arabia from PLN 173, to Uganda from PLN 1,269, and to Sri Lanka from PLN 1,846. Even if some prices seem high, they are still much lower than if we wanted to go there from Poland.

You might think that it is unprofitable, because we have to get to Hungary anyway. However, the thing is that flights to Budapest are often extremely cheap, and you can also use an inexpensive bus or train. Internet users who saw the patent used by Nati reacted enthusiastically. “I just noticed that the flight time to Budapest airport is almost the same as to Warsaw… Thanks, I’ll be looking for flights from there as well from now on!” – wrote one of the women. “That’s true! This year I bought flights to Jordan and paid PLN 250 round-trip for two people,” someone else confirmed. “Cossack,” it continued. There was no end to the positive opinions, which only proves that many of us still need valuable travel tips. Have you had a chance to use this option?

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