Crowded Zakopane before Christmas. It was hot under the cable car to Gubałówka

Crowded Zakopane before Christmas.  It was hot under the cable car to Gubałówka

In winter and during Christmas, Zakopane attracts tourists with increased force. Is it worth going there now? Photos from Gubałówka may cause mixed feelings.

During the holiday season, we not only meet at the Christmas Eve table covered with delicacies. It is also a time of shorter and longer holidays, which we use to travel around Poland and abroad. Recently, we described the current situation in London – a lot of tourists had trouble squeezing somewhere while walking along the streets of the city center. It turns out that it is similar in Zakopane. One of the travelers shared his video on TikTok.

Crowds in Zakopane. He showed the cable car station to Gubałówka

Gubałówka is one of the most important attractions of Zakopane. We are talking about a hill popular among tourists in the Gubałowskie Foothills. You can get there, among others: using a special funicular railway. Recently, so many people appeared at the station that it was difficult to squeeze past. Everyone at the same time decided that it was a perfect idea for a pre-Christmas trip.

One of the tourists wanting to use the cable car last weekend was a man running a TikTok profile called @k_ryszczyn. He shared a video with Internet users showing hundreds of people standing at the entrance to the cable car station. There are both young and old on site. No matter which direction you look, you can see huge groups of people everywhere.

“We’re going to Zakopane today, 6,435,343 people thought,” the man commented mockingly. He pointed out that most people were shocked that so many people were interested in entering Gubałówka just before Christmas. It seems that the visitors hoped to take advantage of the moment when “everyone” was shopping. They were wrong.

Merciless Internet users. “I will never understand the phenomenon of this place”

The video posted on TikTok by @k_ryszczyn quickly gained over 21,000 likes. likes and hundreds of comments. Many Internet users did not hide their surprise, but also said that they did not understand why so many people come to Zakopane every year. “I will never understand the phenomenon of this place,” wrote one of the men. “That’s why I never ride in such seasons,” added someone else.

The commentators also gave valuable tips not to think only about the popular Krupówki, Morskie Oko or Kasprowy Wierch when looking at Zakopane. They recommended looking for places in the Tatra Mountains where we won’t meet any people, because there are still many of them. Have you had a chance to find them?

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