New beaches emerged from the sea. The coast moved 250 meters

New beaches emerged from the sea.  The coast moved 250 meters

As a result of the earthquake in Japan, the land level rose significantly. The longer coastline is a problem for ships that can no longer use previously operating ports.

The tragic effects of the powerful element that hit west-central Japan on January 1 are still visible today. It turns out that the New Year’s earthquake was so strong that it significantly moved the coastline. As a result of the rising land, the Noto peninsula is now 250 meters longer. Satellite photos confirm the creation of new beaches.

The coast of Japan has moved 250 meters

According to the latest satellite photos, the place where the earthquake struck has significantly risen, revealing a quarter of a kilometer of previously inaccessible coastline. This interesting phenomenon is precisely demonstrated by satellite photos posted on website X. The Noto Peninsula will have newly created beaches at its disposal, which, however, pose another serious problem for the surrounding authorities. Some ports that have previously served their purpose perfectly will no longer be available to arriving ships due to the change in land level. This means significant costs for the region, which will have to move the coastal infrastructure to the appropriate place.

Strong earthquakes in Japan

Given the frequency and severity of natural disasters in Japan, the current shoreline change is unlikely to be the last. Japan lies at the junction of four tectonic plates, and minor tremors are almost commonplace here. The earthquake of January 1, 2024 had a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter scale, but it was definitely not the most powerful phenomenon of this type in the history of the country. In March 2011, a 9-magnitude earthquake leveled the northeastern part of Japan, and the subsequent tsunami wave led to the failure of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. This disaster was called the most expensive in history, and as a result, nearly 16,000 people died in Japan. Many are still considered missing.

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