Marianna Schreiber ran over a Clout MMA fighter. “The worst example of fatherhood”

Marianna Schreiber ran over a Clout MMA fighter.  "The worst example of fatherhood"

A new addition has joined the Clout MMA federation – Jakub Rzeźniczak, a former football player and Polish representative. Another federation player, Marianna Schreiber, reacted sharply to this fight. She didn't bite her tongue.

After leaving Kotwica Kołobrzeg, Jakub Rzeźniczak decided to join the Clout MMA freak fight federation. He will fight another controversial character – the Mad Reporter. This fight caused quite a stir due to the behavior of the former Legia Warszawa player.

The federation, whose face is another former football player – Sławomir Peszko, was aware that this match would be talked about. “These are two polarizing stars from the world of YouTube and sports who will appear in the cage on June 8 at Spodek in Katowice. There will certainly be no shortage of emotions not only during the fight itself, but also substantive discussions during programs and conferences,” writes Clout MMA in a press release.

Marianna Schreiber sharply talks about signing Jakub Rzeźniczak

Another competitor of the Clout MMA federation, Marianna Schreiber, spoke about this fight. “I don't even know how to comment on it. I don't know if this fight should take place at all, because the footballer's emotional level is that of a 12-year-old, and emotionally immature people shouldn't fight like freaks. And apart from the fact that a few years ago he was quite good at kicking the ball, it doesn't represent anything else,” she wrote on the X website.

“It comes as a surprise to me and I can't believe I'm writing this, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for his opponent in this fight. The only advantage of this fight is that the footballer will have money to pay alimony,” she added.

Marianna Schreiber about Jakub Rzeźniczak: He is the worst example of fatherhood

A moment later, Marianna Schreiber posted a dedicated video on X in which I criticize the character of Jakub Rzeźniczak. “Rzeźniczak is not a controversial person, he is the worst example of fatherhood,” she wrote on her social media.

“My post about a former third-class football player in Poland caused a lot of controversy. It seems to me that most of this controversy stems from ignorance about who this post was about. Jakub R. is known not for his form on the pitch, but for how negatively he treated his children,” she said in the recording.

Then Marianna Schreiber began to list all the “misdemeanors” of the former Polish representative. Clout MMA 5 is scheduled for June 8 at Spodek in Katowice. In addition to this fight, you will be able to see, among others: the fight of Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik with Denis “Bad Boy” Załęcki or the AJ Challenge with the participation of Adam “AJ” Josef with Kacper Błoński and Zbigniew Bartman.

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