Mindless behavior of tourists in the Pieniny National Park. Photos published

Mindless behavior of tourists in the Pieniny National Park.  Photos published

Tourists showed no respect for protected areas in the Pieniny National Park. A critical situation occurred last May weekend. The authorities of this territory issued an appeal.

A few days ago, while the May holidays were in full swing, there were unpleasant incidents involving tourists in the background. One of these took place in the Pieniny National Park located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The sad event was immortalized in photos, and the park authorities couldn't stand it and criticized people's reckless behavior.

Tourists in the Pieniny National Park went too far

The areas of the Pieniny National Park are very valuable and should be treated with respect. It is important to follow special rules, including: due to the presence of many wild animals and protected plants. What counts includes: maintaining cleanliness and silence, as well as watching your step.

Unfortunately, some tourists spending their May holidays in the Pieniny Mountains forgot about these basics. Many people staying in the park trampled orchids and other plants. There was plenty of camping, lying in the meadows and running around. This is why, among others, habitats of valuable flowers that will not bloom for the second time this year.

The park authorities ask you to respect the prohibitions

The sight of tourists behaving inappropriately on the trails and clearings of the Pieniny Mountains outraged the park authorities. Two photos were published on the Facebook page called “Pieniński Park Narodowy” showing crowds disrespecting nature. “We would like to remind you that the Pieniny National Park is not a city park. There are regulations here that require you to travel only on marked tourist trails,” it was written in an online post. “Please respect the prohibitions.” – added.

Internet users also began to comment on the matter. Many people did not hide their outrage and pointed out that it was necessary to punish tourists. “Maybe we should start issuing tickets and fines, because Poles won't understand otherwise,” wrote one of the women. “Ignorance and arrogance,” added someone else. Unfortunately, there were also those who believed that they were entitled to access to the above-mentioned grasses because they paid an entrance fee. Some people described the park authorities' appeal as… “form over substance.”

Unfortunately, this incident is not the only one of this type that has occurred recently. Even before the May weekend, cameras captured other tourists who were camping in Kampinos near Warsaw, pitching a tent and making noise. After their “forest party”, they left the garbage and went home. When witnessing such a phenomenon, it is best to react immediately. It is also worth remembering not to behave in a similar way yourself.

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