LIVE: Poland – Bulgaria on the second day of the 2024 Olympic Games

LIVE: Poland – Bulgaria on the second day of the 2024 Olympic Games

After winning against Belgium in the first match, the Polish national team may follow suit. In the second match of the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games, the White and Reds will face Bulgaria. We invite you to follow the live coverage of this meeting.

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Poles have a day off tomorrow. They return to competition on Tuesday with a match against undefeated Canada.
25:21. Sokołów’s service ends the match.

Poland wins 3-0 and achieves its second victory in the tournament.

24:21. Kaczmarek’s service was broken.
24:20 for Poland. Kamil Semeniuk finishes on the second line.
23:20. S. Nikolov touched the net.
22:20. Kochanowski Block.
21:20. Bednorz won the counter-attack.
20:20. Broken service from the Bulgarians.
20:19 for Bulgaria. Kolew finishes the passing ball.
19:19. Grozdanov to the edge of the pitch.
19:18 for Poland. Atanasov’s car service.
18:18. Semeniuk’s serve is broken.
18:17. After many attempts, Semeniuk finishes the action.
17:17. “The Nail” by Sokolov.
17:16 for Poland. Kaczmarek finishes.
16:16. Sokolov equalizes the score.
Nikola Grbic asks for time-out.
16:15. Grozdanov reduces the lead.
16:14. Another effective counterattack by the Bulgarians.
16:13 for Poland. Penczew’s counter attack.
16:12. Kochanowski’s service error.
16:11. Kochanowski’s attack on the opponents’ fingers.
15:11. Bednorz service error.
Second time for the Bulgarians.
15:10. Semeniuk on his opponents’ fingers.
14:10. Bednorz finishes another action.
13:10. Sokolov’s attack is over.
13:9. Kaczmarek’s service ace.
12:9. Kochanowski’s attack.
11:9. Huber also spoils the service.
11:8. Penczew’s service is broken.
10:8 for Poland. Sokolov attack.
Time for Bulgarians.
10:7. Semeniuk’s service ace for the Bulgarian libero.
9:7. Kaczmarek finishes the second time.
8:7 for Poland. Block-out after Grozdanov’s attack.
8:6. Penczew’s auto attack.
7:6. Semeniuk’s effective attack.
6:6. Kochanowski’s service error.
6:5. Kaczmarek’s attack.
5:5. Sokolov stopped by Semeniuk.
5:4. Broken Nikolov service.
5:3. Attack from the center of Kolew.
4:3. Sokołów service error.
4:2 for Bulgaria. Sokołów’s service ace.

Second set statistics.

Break in the match. The antenna detached from the net
3:2. Kiwka Sokołów.
2:2. Equalization of Poles.
2:1 for Bulgaria. Passage of the third metro line through Semeniuk.
1:1. Nikolov Point.
Poland leads 1-0. Bednorz Point.
The beginning of the third set. Bulgaria serves.
25:20. Bednorz finishes the set.

Poland leads 2-0.

24:20. Fornal’s website is broken.
24:19. Broken Nikolov service.
23:19. Bednorz’s website is broken.
23:18. Against the Poles (Semeniuk).
22:18. Another point for the Poles.
Time for Poland.
21:18. Kochanowski’s attack on the net.
21:17. Sokolov attack.
21:16. A comical situation. Janusz admits to touching the ball, and the challenge does not provide an opportunity to make a good call. Therefore, the point goes to Poland.
20:16. Bednorz attack.
19:15. Another counterattack ended with a point (Bednorz).
18:15 for Poland. The Bulgarians’ kivka was not conquered by the White and Reds.
Time for Bulgarians.
18:14. Bednorz ends the counterattack.
17:14. Semeniuk’s attack.
16:14. Attack from the center of Grozdanov.
16:13. Service error by the Bulgarians.
15:13. Kochanowski also spoils the service.
15:12. Broken Nikolov service.
14:12. Sokolov’s powerful bomb.
14:11. Kaczmarek’s strong attack.
13:11 for Poland. Kaczmarek’s service was broken.
13:10. Kaczmarek’s attack after Nikolov’s hands.
12:10. Kivka Nikolova.
12:9. Atanasov’s serve is broken.
11:9. Attack from Nikolov’s second line.
11:8 for Poland. Kiwka Semeniuk.
10:8. Touching Semeniuk’s net.
10:7. Atanasov blocked.
9:7. Huber’s attack.
8:7. Kochanowski’s service error.
8:6 for Poland. Kaczmarek’s strong attack.
7:6. Bulgaria points series.
7:5 for Bulgaria. Another long action. Kaczmarek did not have time to win the ball after the opponents’ attack.
7:4. The longest action of the match. It is finished by Sokolow after the Polish block.
7:3. Sokołów service error.
6:3. Kaczmarek’s service was broken.
6:2. Kochanowski’s effective attack.
Time for Plamen Konstantinov.
5:2 for Poland. Sokolov touched the net.
4:2 for Poland. Bednorz Block in Sokołów.
3:2 for Poland. Kaczmarek’s technical attack.
2:2. Point after Nikolov’s attack.
2:1. Atanasov’s serve is broken.
1:1. Semeniuk’s serve is broken.
1:0 for Poland. After the challenge, a point for the White and Reds.
The beginning of the second set. Semeniuk serves
26:24. Another block of Poles ends the first set. But the Bulgarians’ missed opportunity paid off.

Poland leads 1-0.

Time for Bulgarians.
25:24 for Poland. Blocked Sokolov.
24:24. Atanasov hit the passing ball out of bounds.
Time for Poland.
24:23. Service ace of Simeon Nikolov (the second brother)
23:23. Easy attack by Atanasov.
23:22 for Poland. Broken Kolewa service.
22:22. Sokolov’s strong attack in a straight line.
22:21 for Poland. Another good attack by Kaczmarek.
21:21. Long action and equalization after Nikolov’s counterattack.
Time for Bulgaria.
21:20 for Poland. Attack on the hands by Bednorz.
20:20. Sokołów’s ace on Popiwczak.
20:19. First, great discussions, a repetition of the action, and then an attack from the Bulgarians’ center.
20:18. Semeniuk’s high attack.
19:18. Bednorz blocked.
19:17 for Poland. Strong attack by Bednorz.
18:17. Atanasov fit into the line of the pitch.
18:16. Semeniuk’s service ace at Nikolov.
17:16. Huber’s block in Grozdanów.
16:16. Sokołów straight attack.
16:15 for Poland. Semeniuk’s attack.
15:15. Kochanowski’s serve is broken.
15:14. Against the Poles (Semeniuk)
14:14. Attack from Kochanowski’s right side.
14:13. Nikolov service error.
14:12 for Bulgaria. Bednorz’s website is broken.
13:12. Broken Sokołów service.
Nikola Grbic asks for time-out.
13:11. Service ace in Bednorz.
12:11. Kolew attacks from the center.
11:11. Attack from the middle by Kochanowski.
11:10 for Bulgaria. Technical light attack by Nikolov.
10:10. Huber’s website is broken.
10:9 for Poland. Block-out after Bednorz’s attack.
9:9. Sokolov was very effective at the beginning of the match.
9:8. Kaczmarek pushed through.
8:8. A block of flats in Kaczmarek.
8:7. Effective counterattack of the Bulgarians (Grozdanov)
8:6. Another successful attack by Sokolov.
8:5 for Poland. Attack from Bednorz’s second line.
7:5. Sokolov attack.
7:4. Kochanowski point.
6:4. Sokołów Point.
6:3. Challenge of the Bulgarians… which ends with a point for Poland. Touching the net.
5:3. Broken Sokołów service.
4:3. Kaczmarek’s service was broken.
4:2. Another point for the Poles
3:2 for Poland. In the role of attacker…. Marcin Janusz. Quarterback point
Draw 2:2. Kaczmarek’s attack.
2:1 Bulgaria. Nikolov’s difficult attack.
Draw 1:1. Attack through the middle of the Bulgarians
Let’s start the match. Atanasov’s serve is broken

Poland leads 1-0.

It’s time for the anthems of both countries.
Here is the starting lineup of the Polish national team

In the second match of the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games, Poles will face Bulgaria. This meeting starts at 10:00 Polish time. We invite you to follow our live coverage.

Polish volleyball players can breathe a sigh of relief after the first qualifying match for the Olympic Games. The White and Reds won 3-2 against Belgium, which caused us a lot of problems. Fortunately, Nikola Grbic’s players came out on top in this clash, and they also made history – it was the eighteenth consecutive victory of our representatives in official clashes.

Qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games: Composition of the Polish national volleyball team

Polish volleyball players are entering this tournament quite weakened. It was already known that we would not see Mateusz Bieniek in Xi’an, who was already missing during the European Championships. However, the captain of the Polish national team, Bartosz Kurek, did not recover after the European Championships. In his place, Nikola Grbic took Bartłomiej Bołądź. This is the squad that is supposed to get us promoted to Paris.

  • Attacker: Bartłomiej Bołądź, Łukasz Kaczmarek
  • Quarterback: Grzegorz Łomacz, Marcin Janusz
  • Central: Norbert Huber, Karol Kłos, Jakub Kochanowski
  • Recipient: Bartosz Bednorz, Tomasz Fornal, Wilfredo Leon, Kamil Semeniuk, Aleksander Śliwka
  • Libero: Jakub Popiwczak, Paweł Zatorski

Schedule of matches of the Polish national team in the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games

After the match against Plamen Konstantinov’s team, the European champions and winners of VNL 2023 will have a day off. This is the schedule of matches for the Polish national team in the Olympic qualifying tournament

  • Poland – Bulgaria (Sunday, October 1 at 10:00)

  • Poland – Canada (Tuesday, October 3 at 10:00)

  • Poland – Mexico (Wednesday, October 4 at 10:00)

  • Poland – Argentina (Friday, October 6 at 10:00)

  • Poland – Netherlands (Saturday, October 7 at 10:00)

  • China – Poland (Sunday, October 8 at 1:30 p.m.)

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