Two goals in the Ekstraklasa hit. Śląsk couldn’t beat Raków

Two goals in the Ekstraklasa hit.  Śląsk couldn't beat Raków

The hit of the 17th round of the PKO BP Ekstraklasa did not determine the winner. Śląsk Wrocław drew with Raków Częstochowa 1-1 in front of their home audience after goals by Sonny Kittel and Piotr Samc-Talar. This result means that the situation at the top of the table does not change.

Śląsk Wrocław is an absolute revelation of the PKO BP Ekstraklasa season so far. Jacek Magiera’s players are in the leading position and the draw with Raków Częstochowa did not change this state of affairs. In turn, Dawid Szwarga’s players have moved closer to the top and are getting closer to returning to the top three in the league.

Sonny Kittel emphasized the advantage of Raków Częstochowa

The beginning of the match belonged to Raków. The visiting players regularly kept possession of the ball, moving into positional attacks from time to time. The hosts managed to keep the ball in their own possession for only a moment, but the Polish champions’ defenders and midfielders rose to the challenge, cutting through their passes. Jean Carlos, charging on the wing, caused a lot of confusion in Śląsk’s ranks, but he failed to create a goal, but only won a corner kick.

We had to wait until the 11th minute for the first shot. Then Tudor crossed the ball to Racovitan, who headed it straight into Leszczyński’s hands. The Wrocław team moved in the other direction, and Żukowski tried his luck from a distance, but he did not cause any problems for Kovacevic. The Raków team coped perfectly with the pressure imposed by Jacek Magiera’s players. The effect came in the 24th minute, when Tudor crossed the ball into the penalty area, and Petkov scored a kick, which Kittel took advantage of, beating Leszczyński and giving his team the lead.

It seemed that this situation would encourage the PKO BP Ekstraklasa leaders to play better, but it was the Częstochowa team that still controlled the course of the match. In the 34th minute, Bejger was injured in a clash with an opponent and the game was interrupted for a moment, but he returned to the pitch after a while. Although he was able to run for another 10 minutes, during which neither team created a greater threat, he had to be replaced by Paluszek just before the end of the first half. Szymon Marciniak added six minutes and sent the players to the locker room after them.

A terrible defensive mistake by Raków and the equalizer

At the start of the second half, the picture of the game did not change. Raków continued to attack and did not allow the hosts to keep the ball for long. It was only in the 53rd minute that Śląsk managed to conduct a dangerous situation, after which Petkov shot at Kovacevic’s goal, but did not cause any major problems for the experienced Serb. Dawid Szwarga’s players constantly put high pressure on the Wrocław team, and they had no idea how to solve the problems. Cebula and Lederman appeared on the pitch in place of Kocherhin and Kittel.

After an hour of play, Śląsk showed more courage and self-confidence. Although Raków constantly used high pressure, in the 67th minute the Częstochowa team made a fatal mistake and chaos appeared in their defensive play. Kovacevic left the goal unnecessarily, which was taken advantage of by Samiec-Talar, who scored the equalizer with a long-range shot. The visitors quickly tried to regain the lead, but Crnac missed Jean Carlos’s cross and missed from close range.

In the 75th minute, Kovacevic redeemed himself for his mistake and won the key one-on-one duel with Exposito. Śląsk carried out an action in the middle of the field, after which Paluszek received the cross and shot with his head, but straight into the hands of Kovacevic. Pokorny had to leave the field with an injury and was replaced by Łukasik. For the next few minutes, Raków was more often in the opponent’s half and twice Dawid Szwarga’s players threatened Leszczyński’s goal. After six added minutes, the referee ended the match.

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