Prince William will appear in Germany. The reason is special

Prince William's statement.  “He rarely speaks on such controversial issues.”

The heir to the British throne will be in Dusseldorf for an England match on Saturday. However, he won’t be there just as a prince.

The England-Switzerland match will start at 6pm sharp. It will decide England’s future in the tournament. They are the last of the UK countries still fighting for the most important European cup. What’s more, England have something to prove. In the championship held on their soil three years ago, the national team won “only” second place.

Prince William’s role in English football is special, however, and it is possible that it is because of this that the heir to the throne will appear in the stands. Apart from being a representative of the monarchy, he is also the honorary president of The Football Association, the English equivalent of our Polish Football Association. He has held this position since 2006.

Another visit of the British prince to Germany

This is not the first match of this year’s tournament that Prince William will attend. The heir to the throne has already visited the court during the group match between England and Denmark. At that time, cameras captured several of his reactions to his team’s performance. After England scored a goal, the representative of the monarchy stood up in joy, after he conceded one, he covered his face with his hands.

“Despite the poor performance, the prince showed his sportsmanship by shaking hands with Denmark’s King Frederik X after the full-time whistle,” the British Daily Mail reported on the events from the stadium.

Prince William motivated England players

After the disappointing draw, the prince met with the players. It has long been known that he is a passionate football fan. “He just wanted us all to be optimistic,” said English midfielder Adam Wharton after the conversation.

“He said it wasn’t the end of the world. We thought we were still top of the group, we didn’t lose, we drew, we just have to think about the match, see how we can improve and we can’t wait for the next match,” the footballer said.

And it seems that Prince William’s words helped. Although England also drew in the next match, this time with Slovenia, they managed to beat Slovakia after the group stage, advancing to the quarter-finals. The question is whether the presence of the heir to the throne will bring luck this time.

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