Kaczyński announces blocking the Green Deal and the Migration Pact.

Kaczyński announces blocking the Green Deal and the Migration Pact.

PiS President Jarosław Kaczyński spoke at the #WhiteReds convention on Saturday, April 27. Before the European Parliament elections, he presented the goals of his group.

At the convention before the European Parliament elections, Jarosław Kaczyński outlined the main points that his party intends to fight for in Brussels. – We must defend Polish values, Polish interests and the Polish raison d'état. What does this mean in practice? This means taking up issues that do not exhaust all that will pose a challenge to our Members of Parliament, but which are the most important at this moment, he said.

Jarosław Kaczyński clearly: We will reject the Green Deal

– This is a matter of the Green Deal, the Migration Pact, changing treaties, the euro, protection of the Polish countryside, security and, finally, what is the essence of Polishness, as Kadłubek has already written – freedom. There is no Poland without freedom! – he emphasized. – Being a Pole means being a free person – he added.

– We must say clearly – we will reject the Green Deal, we are going to this parliament to reject the Green Deal. It, in its current version, harms Polish agriculture, practically leads to its liquidation, and the same liquidation can be achieved (although it is not part of the Green Deal) by opening our borders to imports from Ukraine – said the PiS president.

– But the Green Deal is also something much more far-reaching. It's a tax directive, it's very expensive energy. We will see this very soon, and it also means higher prices for economic activity and in virtually all areas, he pointed out.

Kaczyński warns against expensive foreign travel

– This affects not only our wallets, but also our freedom. Freedom has different aspects, including traveling. The freedom to travel is tied to plane ticket prices. And we talk about it quite directly, to limit the number of flights – he reminded.

– We are a nation that wants to have various freedoms. To drive what we can afford and what we like. To travel around Europe with cheap airlines. To eat what we like. We want to live in accordance with the model that we know and would like to strengthen.
In fact, apart from a narrow elite, the Green Deal is against all Poles and we do not agree to that, he repeated.

Kaczyński about the Migration Pact

– We will also stop all these crazy immigration ventures, the Immigration Pact. Is it because we are bad people? Ladies and gentlemen, remember the year 2022, 2023. Ukrainians who came to Poland in millions. Was it necessary to organize camps? No, Poles welcomed them and gave them their own apartments and houses. Poles are good people, but Poles have the right to want to live in a safe country. And they have the right to live in a country with rules resulting from their culture, Polish and Christian, Kaczyński announced.

– That's why we say definitely “no” here. Also because it is compulsion. We are a sovereign country and we will do what we think is best in such basic matters. That's why we have to stop it. This is our commitment, he emphasized.

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